I'm a fertility doctor – here's 5 things I've banned my boyfriend from doing to protect his sperm | The Sun

I'm a fertility doctor – here's 5 things I've banned my boyfriend from doing to protect his sperm | The Sun

September 19, 2022

MODERN life can prove harmful when it comes to a man's fertility.

According to a study, there has been a 50 per cent decline in sperm count in men globally over the past 60 years. 

Sperm count – the total number of sperm a man produces – is one of the ways medics determine male fertility.

Other factors include sperm quality, sperm speed and overall health.

Experts are pointing the blame at the modern world and how we live our lives, including our diets and the chemicals we are exposed to – just to name a few.

A fertility doctor has listed some fairly common things she would never let her partner do because it could impact his ability to have kids.

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Doctor Natalie Crawford, from the US, posted a video on instagram explaining her five points and how each can negatively effect a man's sperm.

1. Smoke cigarettes  

Smoking cigarettes is "absolutely terrible" for sperm, Dr Crawford said.

Countless studies have linked poor sperm quality to smoking.

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Men who smoke make sperm which often have decreased motility – the speed in which a sperm swims.

They are also more likely to produce swimmers which are abnormally shaped and have DNA damage.

2. Use marijuana

The doctor also said she'd never allow her partner to smoke pot.

"I know this one is controversial, but the drug both decreases the the production of sperm from the brain impact and changes the shape of sperm," she said.

3. Sit with laptop on lap

She also discouraged men from putting their laptops on their laps.

"The heat actually increases the temperature of the testes – they're outside the body for a reason – and that can cause an increase in abnormally shaped sperm," she said.

4. Consume lots of processed meat

Interestingly, the expert advised men against eating processed meats – which can actually decrease the quality of sperm.

"Processed meats have a lot of chemicals in them and they're absolutely really bad for the sperm," she said in the viral clip.

5. Use testosterone

To preserve the quantity and quality of sperm, the guru told men not to take testosterone.

'Testosterone is essentially birth control pills for men, or birth control shots for men, and so many people will put somebody on testosterone to help their 'fatigue' or 'low T' but it kills your sperm,' she explains.

'You'll have no sperm for months or even years after to use.'

Researchers in China have discovered that men who live in heavily polluted areas may experience poor sperm motility. 

It wasn't the first time a link between toxic air and men’s swimmers has been made.

Prior research has shown that sperm counts for men living in North America, Australia and Europe have been declining since the 1970s.

While there could be a several reasons why, scientists theorise air pollution is a key culprit.

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Meanwhile, regular exercise boosts sperm quality, experts claim.

Couch potatoes who work out at least three times a week become more fertile within months.

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