Ikea's website is down over bank holiday weekend and customers are furious

Ikea's website is down over bank holiday weekend and customers are furious

May 6, 2019

IKEA'S website has been down for three days now, leaving frustrated customers still unable to order their flat-pack furniture over the bank holiday weekend.

The site has been out of action since Saturday afternoon when it first crashed and it's still down two days later.

Customers also use the website to check what's in stock in their local store before braving the bank holiday traffic – but this feature also isn't working.

At first, the retailer promised customers that it would be up and running within a few hours but it has regularly pushed back that deadline by a few hours and then days.

Ikea now hopes that the site will be working again by this afternoon, according to the site's social media team, although the timings are likely to change.

The flat-pack furniture store's social media team has also said that there was no maintenance work planned for the weekend and the crash was unexpected.

On the brand's homepage there is a note alerting customers to the "technical difficulties" that is "impacting processing any online orders and some functionality".

But when you click on a department to browse, such as wardrobes, a message pops up saying "Preparing the room of your dreams! We're doing some work on this page, getting it ready for you."

It also advises customers to check back "later" – although it is not clear exactly when customers will be able to place orders again.

Angry shoppers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration about how they are unable to use the long-weekend to make purchases needed for home improvements.


Sinead wrote: "Been trying to get on the Ikea website all day to see if something is in stock. Was supposed to be back up by 7 then 10 now tomorrow."

Another said: "Having spent all morning assembling my lovely @IKEA wardrobes, I'm not desperate to order things to go with them BUT your website is under maintenance!!!! Come on guys, get it fixed, it's a #BankHolidayWeekend."

EW said: "Big weekend for decorating, buying new stuff for the home ets. IKEA website has been down all day #fail."

A frustrated Lucy said: "When will the UK site be back up after maintenance? I keep checking and the fix time keeps being extended!"

One tweeter even alluded to the bank holiday traffic and wrote: "Off to IKEA on a Bank Holiday Monday. Their website is down too. HOLD ME."

The Sun has asked Ikea to find out when it plans to have the site functioning again but it is yet to get back to us.

In a statement from it's social media team, the retailer said: "We are currently experience  a few technical issues on our website. We haven't been given a time frame as of yet, we do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused."

The Swedish furniture store recently issued a safety notice over fears babies could plunge off its Sundvik changing table.

If you are thinking about heading to your nearest store, it's worth checking the opening times before you head out.

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