‘I went from food stamps to OnlyFans fame – but there’s a dark side to industry’

‘I went from food stamps to OnlyFans fame – but there’s a dark side to industry’

February 28, 2023
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    People online are quick to diminish sex work by saying it's an easy way to make a quick buck.

    But one OnlyFans star has proven this to be completely false after she opened up about the dark sides of the industry.

    Rebecca Goodwin, 28, from Chesterfield, England, turned to the adult entertainment industry in hopes it would help her support her two children.

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    The mother-of-two was struggling to pay her bills or buy baby formula so relied on food stamps to feed her family.

    Desperate to change her circumstances, Rebecca decided to sign up for OnlyFans and hit the big time.

    And while her daughters, aged 11 and four, now live a life they never could have dreamed of, there are negative aspects of being a sex worker that Rebecca has to deal with.

    Social media sites regularly try to remove Rebecca's platform by deleting her accounts.

    The redheaded bombshell days filming and editing her content, which is why this is particularly heartbreaking.

    Rebecca also faces constant judgement from those who don’t approve of her career choice.

    “I'll often get told that I'm making bad choices, that my family aren't proud, that my kids will get bullied,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

    “Meanwhile, I've helped my family a lot, made sure my kids will never want for anything and I stand by my choices.

    “Sometimes I’m even told I look like a cross between Michael Jackson and E.T.”

    Rebecca tries to not let the trolling let her down, and focusing on the fact that she has built a career for herself helps her to do so.

    It helps that she's now making approximately £100,000 a month while working for herself and making her own hours.

    She also now has a career where she has creative freedom and can ensure her children's needs are met.

    The bombshell added “I enjoy making people laugh, seeing the response to what I do, and showing others that they can do it too. And obviously, the money is pretty great too.”

    Rebecca's lucrative career has enabled her to save to buy a £230,000 four-bed house and a £45,000 Porsche outright.

    These are impressive feats that she wouldn’t have even dreamed about three years ago.

    She recently told Have a Word podcast that she’s just put in an offer for a third property, with her goal to own nine houses by the time she’s 35.

    Her goal is to rent eight of them out at a lower cost to help those who are struggling with the cost of living.

    Previously experiencing homelessness herself, she understands the struggle that people can face.


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