‘I went dumpster diving and found a huge haul worth £1,500 in a bin’

‘I went dumpster diving and found a huge haul worth £1,500 in a bin’

February 15, 2023

A woman who went dumpster diving "hit the jackpot" when she bagged herself a haul worth £1,500.

Mum-of-four Megan, from the US, found joy while going treasuring hunting in bins in her neighbourhood.

She often posts her finds on TikTok and resells them on her website.

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Two weeks ago, she got herself 51 brand new candles for free as she said: "I haven't had a score like this in a minute!"

Showing her dumpster dive treasures, Megan posted on TikTok and said: "Holy moly, alright we're gonna have to give them all out.

"All 29 bags of Bath & Body Works, look at these candles – 51 candles, unbroken. They all look like they are 'Try Me's, or maybe not.

"And they have an entire basket full of broken [candles] with two lotions."

To make a profit out of the freebies, Megan listed the home fragrance products on her website and reminded her viewers: "If you guys want them, be quick!"

Online retailer Amazon is selling a standard single wick scented candle from Bath & Body Works for a costly £29.95 – meaning Megan just bagged herself at least £1,530 worth of goods.

She is now selling them on her website for $5 (£4) each, adding: "All items are cleaned and sanitised so don't be shy, take a look around."

Viewers were surprised and some were tempted to go dumpster diving.

"I worked for Bath & Body Works and this is not how they should dispose stuff, but you hit the jackpot!" one commented.

A second said: "How true is it that every place in each state does this though? I've seen so many of these TikToks, like I may start doing it too."

"That's heaven, you've hit gold!" a third added.

In the UK, if a dumpster is placed on private land, then people found rifling through the contents inside will be considered as trespassing.

If the skip is on a public road but the items are still under the ownership of the person who hired the slip until the skip hire company removes them, the person could fall under theft if the owner presses charges.


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