I tried to ban my husband from his ex's funeral- I always resented her

I tried to ban my husband from his ex's funeral- I always resented her

March 16, 2023

I tried to ban my husband from attending his ex-wife’s funeral – I always resented their relationship, and now everyone is calling me a monster

  • The woman was slammed for telling her husband he couldn’t go to the memorial
  • Friends and family called her ‘heartless’ and she admitted to being ‘relieved’ 
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A woman has been slammed online after trying to ban her husband from attending his ex-wife’s funeral.

The anonymous woman’s dilemma – which was originally shared on Reddit – was picked by up the Two Hot Takes podcast earlier this week, where US host Morgan Absher offers advice to listeners.

In her post, the woman – who is her early 40s – explained how she ‘couldn’t stand’ her partner’s ex-wife.

Although she has been with him for 10 years, her husband had known his ex for over two decades and made it clear at the beginning of their relationship how important she was to him. 

She wrote: ‘The way he tells it: They were friends in college, decided to date, got married, then realized they weren’t a great couple and decided to just be friends. All that happened years before I met him.’ 

The woman attempted to ban her husband from attending his ex-wife’s funeral – prompting the widow to label her ‘heartless’ and a ‘ghoul’. Stock photo

Despite expressing concern over how close they still were at first, the woman’s husband always assured her that their relationship was now ‘purely platonic’.  

A few months into dating, he then went on to warn her: ‘If you have a serious issue with it, let me know now and save us some time. I’ll choose her. 

‘I like you and all, but I’ve known her for over 12 years and she’s one of the most important people in my life. You’ll have to be ok with that if you want us to be a thing.’

The woman then said the issue arose again when they got engaged – as she asked whether their marriage would affect his friendship with his ex.

She added: ‘He gave me this perplexed look and asked, “Why would us getting married affect my friendships?”‘

Although she tried to ‘suck it up’, the wife said she always disliked having his ex in their lives.

She continued: ‘I resented every moment of knowing her, especially when we had to be social. She understood some part of him I couldn’t. Her husband was friends with mine as well, so it’s not like I could use him as an angle.

‘He’d have lunch with the ex, they’d go to their geeky movies, and whatever. The few times I brought it up he said, “We had this conversation before. You had your chance to back out.”‘

In her Reddit post, the woman explained how she ‘could never stand’ his ex-wife and ‘resented’ their close friendship

Late last year, her husband’s ex-wife suffered aneurysm moments after meeting him for lunch.

She added: ‘He spent a bunch of time crying, but honestly I was relieved.’

Much to her horror, her partner then threw himself into funeral planning with the woman’s widow.

Describing how she had tried to stop him from attending, the woman said she told him: ‘You don’t think you’re going, do you?’

She explained: ‘My argument, summed up: She’s dead, so she’s not a factor anymore. He doesn’t get to use his “she’s my friend” excuse since she doesn’t exist anymore. 

‘He had his cry for a couple days, he gets to be done with mourning her already. There’s no need for him to go to her funeral, since I wouldn’t want her at his.’

Unsurprisingly, the woman’s husband was the ‘angriest she’d ever seen him’ after she made this comment and insisted that he would be attending the funeral no matter what she said.

She claims he even went on to threaten to ‘burn their marriage to the ground’ as his ex-wife was the second closest person to him.

Other members of the Reddit forum argued that the woman’s husband was within his rights to leave her over her reaction to his ex’s death

Although she believes she is in the right, the woman continued: ‘Him, her husband and my sisters are calling me an insensitive a***** over this, all saying that there was no romantic aspect to their relationship, and that I’m heartless. Her husband went so far as calling me a “ghoul” for how I’ve reacted.

‘I never felt their relationship was appropriate, and I hid that for years because I wanted to be with my husband. Now that she’s gone, I don’t feel I should have to hide it anymore, and can speak freely.’

After discussing the dilemma on the Two Hot Takes podcast, Morgan and her co-host were in agreement that the woman’s husband would be within his rights to end their marriage over her response.

‘Leave her immediately,’ they said. ‘I’ve never felt quicker about that. Leave her, that is so f***ed up.’

Meanwhile, members of the Reddit forum also believed the woman’s attempt to ban her husband from the funeral was out of order.

One replied: ‘She was relieved…. How unempathetic can a person be? He needs you by his side now. If you really loved him, you would know that. But you have chosen.’

Another added: ‘As if he needs her permission to go to this woman’s funeral. Also, if he witnessed her death, he’s probably traumatized.’

A third wrote: ‘I really hope they don’t have any children together, so when he divorces [her], he can cut contact for good.’

‘Congrats on your impending divorce,’ a fourth joked.

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