‘I mooned sports day crowd – randy men still ask for dates after seeing my bum’

‘I mooned sports day crowd – randy men still ask for dates after seeing my bum’

June 1, 2023
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    A mum who went viral for accidentally flashing her bum at a parents' sports day race still gets date offers from men who've seen the mishap.

    Katie Hannaford, 37, said she won't be running a race ever again after the embarrassing incident last summer.

    The mum-of-two, from Basildon in Essex, faceplanted during a "mum run" and accidentally flashed her bum to young kids and other parents when her dress flew up over her head.

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    And one year on, she still receives messages every day from men asking how she could be single.

    But Katie said she is now "single by choice" and has turned down "hundreds of offers of dates".

    Katie, a home décor business owner, said: "I don't get recognised in public any more, but I still get random messages on Instagram and Facebook most days.

    "They're predominantly men – asking how I'm still single, or telling me I have a nice a***.

    "At this point I'm still single by choice – I've had hundreds of offers of dates off the back of the video.

    "I've had some genuinely nice messages too – saying I'm a good sport about it."

    Katie's two daughters still find the moment funny, with her youngest wanting her to be in all her TikTok videos because "she thinks I'm famous".

    The embarrassing fall happened during the parents' race at her daughter's sports day on June 15, 2022.

    She said: "I've promised my girls I'll never compete in another adults race again, even in shorts.

    "A few weeks ago at my daughter’s dance competition, and there was a parents dance.

    "I looked at my daughter like, ‘no I'm not doing it!'."


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