‘I got told to cover up my gym outfit – but people say I’m in the wrong’

‘I got told to cover up my gym outfit – but people say I’m in the wrong’

February 26, 2023

A young woman was left baffled when she was told to cover up with a top while working out in a gym.

Rachel Cosby, who studies at Utah State University, said she had no idea why she had violated the dress code policy.

Taking the matter to TikTok, the student showed her athletic outfit in the dressing room – a dark grey sports bra and a black long pants.

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"When you get dress-coded at your public university's gym," she said.

"Like bro I don't even go to Brigham Young University."

But viewers didn't offer the same support as she expected, with one saying: "There's a dress code, your top has to cover the top half of your chest. But this is just fine."

Another wrote: "Most gyms have a dress code, check any university."

"It's just the same you need a shirt and shoes in a store, there needs to be some regulations," a third added.

And a gym employee commented: "Yeah it sucks but it's not that hard to put on a tank top, we didn't make the dress code but not following the rules just makes our jobs harder."

Rachel regularly shares gym content and training sessions with her best friend, Aubree.

In one clip, while she was struggling to complete her set, Aubree advised her: "With the 'I can't' mindset, no you're not.

"This is lightweight, this is repping a 45" times three."

"I'm not you," Rachel said before Aubree told her to give it a go.

The young woman thanked her pal for being supportive and allowing her to see her strengths and weaknesses, adding that it's the "perfect example" of why she prefers to work out with her friends.

"You guys have the cutest friendship," one viewer praised and another wrote: "This is awesome, it's great that you have great pals with you."


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