‘I can’t have sex with my swinging missus after spotting her new racy tattoo’

‘I can’t have sex with my swinging missus after spotting her new racy tattoo’

March 15, 2023

My girlfriend believes variety is the spice of life. To this end, she sees several other blokes besides me.

I think I could cope if I thought she was just going for drinks, but I know she’s sleeping with them too.

The other night, as we stripped for bed, I noticed a new tattoo of another guy’s name on her thigh.

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She said she got it while drunk and then started praising my “hot” body. She was trying to make me feel better but it had the opposite effect – I couldn’t make love.

Maybe I’m an antique but I don’t like sharing.

JANE SAYS: Some people thrive in monogamous relations while others prefer a more open arrangement.

Clearly, your girlfriend is a woman who likes to keep her options open.

Nothing wrong with that (although I hope that she always uses condoms) – but if her habit of flitting from bed-to-bed isn’t right for you, I suggest you admit defeat.

The longer you stay with her, the more discontented – and maybe even bitter – you will become.

Wish her luck and then give yourself a gap while you re-establish your self-confidence.

Long-time pal missed party

My oldest friend failed to turn up to my birthday party. There was no early warning, she simply boycotted it.

I called her and she claimed she was ill. I branded her a liar. Now she’s saying that I’m insensitive and cruel for continuing to quiz and disbelieve her. But I was relying on her to help me. How dare she simply opt out?

JANE SAYS: I urge you to turn the other cheek and move on. The party is history and you have a life to live. Of course, you’re disappointed but your friend isn’t worth worrying about.

Is it possible that she is jealous of you, that she hated the idea of you taking centre stage? Maybe this friendship has finally fizzled out.


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