I am paranoid my partner will discover explicit content on my phone

I am paranoid my partner will discover explicit content on my phone

April 16, 2021

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM paranoid that my nosy partner will find the inappropriate messages on my phone.

I’m 29 and like a lot of men in their twenties, I like to watch a bit of porn as well as swapping rude banter and sexy images with my mates.

But sometimes my partner, who’s 28, looks through my phone and is horrified by the explicit content. I agree some of it is vile.

She even suspected me of cheating, which I wasn’t and wouldn’t do, as I love her and we have a young daughter.

I’ve become so anxious that to prevent fights, I’ve changed my password repeatedly and started hiding my phone at night.

I panic every time a message pings in. I really feel that I’m not doing anything wrong.

But should I just shut out all my friends for an easier life?

DEAR DEIDRE: Are all these messages really worth the aggravation?

You admit that some of the content is vile, imagine if your daughter saw them.

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Are you worried you will lose face with your friends if you stop exchanging them?

If this is making you paranoid and spoiling your relationship, then perhaps it is time to decide what’s important – your family or looking good with your friends.

My support pack on Looking After Your Relationship should help you improve things with your partner.

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