I am 23 and mum can't deal with me leaving home

I am 23 and mum can't deal with me leaving home

January 20, 2022

DEAR DEIDRE: MY mum is finding it difficult to accept I’m grown up and want to leave home.

I’m a guy of 23 and commute 30 miles by train to my job. I met my girlfriend through work.

She is 25 and we are perfect for one another, with very similar ambitions in life.

I spend some nights with her as it saves the commute.

I want to move in with her but Mum says I’m too young.

She’s a single parent since she split up with my dad when I was nine.

My girlfriend bought me a weekend away with her for Christmas and when I tried to discuss with my mum what weekend was best, she got angry and said: “You think more about your girlfriend than about me.”

I felt terrible.

DEIDRE SAYS: For the last 15 years, your mum has probably focused her life around you – so she feels threatened by the idea of you leaving.

But it is natural for children to fly the nest and you aren’t too young to move your relationship to the next level.



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Don’t feel guilty but encourage your mum to find friendships outside the home.

Bring your girlfriend to visit her at weekends and say you both will welcome her visiting when you move in together.

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