How Whitney Way Thore Reacted to Her Ex Getting Engaged to Woman He Cheated With

How Whitney Way Thore Reacted to Her Ex Getting Engaged to Woman He Cheated With

October 4, 2021

“I definitely never expected that this would be so painful to hear,” she says, after learning about the engagement straight from him.

Whitney Way Thorne described how painful it was when she learned her ex got engaged to the woman with whom he cheated on her.

In a clip of Tuesday’s episode of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” posted over at PEOPLE, Thorne met up with ex-fiance Chase Severino at a bar to catch up, where he let the news slip. While talking, Chase joked that his brother-in-law was trying to steal the spotlight by proposing to his girlfriend just three days after he popped the question himself.

“Oh so you’re engaged… wow,” a shocked Thorne replies. “That sounded really weird, I just heard myself say that but no really, congratulations.”

Severino responded, “Well I’m glad we can be friends and cool about it.”

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In a confessional, however, Thorne revealed how hard it had actually been to hear about his engagement.

“I definitely never expected that this would be so painful to hear,” she admitted. “It’s crazy to think that within a year, someone that I used to be in a relationship with is now a father and is engaged, and I’m still single with no children, obviously, and I don’t even know like, what is going on with my love life. I don’t know where things are with the French man and me.”

“It’s hard not to compare yourself and think, ah, I wish things had happened for me that quickly. But I know we’re all on our own timelines,” the 37-year-old added.

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The shocks kept coming though as he revealed how he proposed.

“We were in Jamaica so just went to some waterfalls, it’s called Dunn’s Falls,” he explained. “So we went to that, and then I had this ring in my pocket, and the water’s just crushing me. So I was like, ‘Sarah, let’s take a picture,’ and then…”

“Wait, so you proposed to her in the exact same way you proposed to me,” Thore interrupted. If you recall, Severino asked for Whitney’s hand in marriage in a similar manner, pulling out a ring while pretending to take a photo.

“Now we’re saying it, it kind of seems … yeah. I’m a one-trick pony I guess,” he admitted.

Although the news was “painful” to hear, Thore told the cameras that she had been expecting his engagement.

“I’m teasing Chase about recycling proposal ideas, but the news of an engagement is not very surprising,” she says. “I am happy for him and I wish him the best. I just assumed that this would happen sooner or later.”

Severino and Thore announced their engagement in December 2019, two months after he popped the question. In May 2020, however, she confirmed the two had not only split — but he had “reconnected” with an ex while they were together and “it had resulted in a pregnancy.” Severino welcomed a baby girl in September and sparked engagement rumors back in May, rumors which have now been confirmed.

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