How often should you clean your gutters?

How often should you clean your gutters?

May 24, 2021

B&Q share tips for cleaning out gutters

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Weather forecasters have predicted more misery for the UK until the midweek, as the country battles unseasonal conditions. Rain and heavy winds have dominated much of May, marking a dramatic flip from last year’s spring highs of 26C. Many homeowners may find their gutters struggle to keep up with the regular torrents of rain and question how often they should clean them.

How often should you clean your gutters?

Gutters are a vital presence in the home, as they direct the flow of water away from its foundations and structure.

Given they capture the water from above, this means they end up prone to collecting falling debris.

If this is allowed to sit in or clog the pipes, it could lead to structural damage.

Most people check their gutters irregularly and only clean them out when they take on too much clutter.

But experts recommend people develop a gutter cleaning routine.

As a rule of thumb, they suggest people give their gutters a once over at least twice a year.

When it rains heavily, gutters warrant more regular checks and spot cleans.

And when people pop out to look, they should look out for potential damage indicators.

One of these is leaking joints, which happens when debris gets caught inside the drain.

Clogging may also cause rusting in screws or other metal parts of the framework.

Heavy clogs will be apparent if the gutters start to sag.

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The number of times gutters need checking will also depend on local surroundings.

Homes located in heavily wooded areas will take on more debris than others.

Anyone dealing with chronic gutter clogging should invest in a protection system.

Otherwise, they may face a selection of consequences, ranging from infestation to structural damage.

Some issues stemming from gutter clogs include:

  • Water leaking in through the roof
  • Structural damages along the walls
  • Foundation damages from oversaturated ground
  • Infestations from rodents or insects
  • Wood rot

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