How Kate's BAFTAs look paid tribute to the fashion industry

How Kate's BAFTAs look paid tribute to the fashion industry

February 21, 2023

A queen in the making! ‘Confident’ Princess of Wales’s bold BAFTAs outfit choice proved she is ‘fashion forward’, stylist says

  • Miranda Holder revealed how Kate, 41, followed the late Queen’s fashion rule
  • She said Kate’s bold outfit choice showed she is looking like a ‘future queen’
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The Princess of Wales’s ‘fashion forward’ statement look on the BAFTAs red carpet on Sunday proved she is a ‘future queen’, a stylist has said.

Miranda Holder praised Kate Middleton’s bold monochrome outfit as a ‘confident’ showing from the Princess as she arrived at the event with Prince William.

The stylist said Kate, 41, debuted an ‘unusually avant-garde’ style with a recycled white, one shoulder Alexander McQueen gown, which she jazzed up with a pair of black opera gloves.

She argued that, while many members of the public may have considered Kate’s accessorising unusual, it was actually a clever tribute to the British fashion industry.

The stylist also commented on the Prince and Princess’s showing as a ‘power couple’ in complementing outfits as William, 40, cut a dapper figure in a Tom Ford tuxedo.

Stylist Miranda Holder has revealed how the Princess of Wales’s ‘fashion forward’, bold choice of outfit at the BAFTAs proved she is a ‘future queen’ as she takes a leaf out of the late Queen Elizabeth’s book when it comes to outfits

Speaking to the Mirror, Miranda said: ‘Since gaining the title of Princess of Wales, Kate’s style has evolved into something more refined and confident, as she takes on this new role with gusto, looking every inch our future Queen.

‘In comparison with previous BAFTA outfits, this look felt more grown up, even more polished and poised, showing us that Kate can take on whatever challenges the role throws at her.’

She added the statement monochrome look helped Kate stand out on the red carpet so members of the public could see her – which harks back to a style trait of the late Queen.

The stylist said Kate and William (pictured on the BAFTAs red carpet) were the ultimate ‘power couple’ as they dressed for the occasion in monochrome outfits 

Queen Elizabeth II was known for dressing in outfits and colours that made her stand out in a crowd during public engagements, meaning royal fans and well-wishers who had gathered to catch a glimpse of her could spot her easily.

As Kate appears to be taking a leaf out of the late monarch’s book, the stylist claimed she is aleady looking like a ‘future queen’.

The Princess of Wales’s red carpet look made waves among royal fans who were impressed at how she transformed a previous BAFTAs look.

Her look had Brits buzzing – and it wasn’t just her outfit attracting attention.

Make-up artist Laura Kay told FEMAIL the Princess of Wales’s beauty regime for the awards ceremony was just as standout as her clothes and signalled a new era.

She explained: ‘[It was Kate’s] first time at the BAFTA’s since becoming The Princess of Wales and she looked more regal than ever.

Describing how Kate’s £18 cascading Zara earrings and gloves made a ‘big impact’, Laura explained: ‘Her natural makeup glowed but I am surprised she opted for such defined eye makeup and brows.

‘She looks flawless but normally we wouldn’t see her dramatize both her attire and makeup at once, so I think she is definitely doing so strategically.’

Whereas the Princess usually opts for more natural makeup looks, Laura noted how Kate’s artist used multiple approaches to draw attention to the Princess’ eyes.

She continued: ‘Her smoky eye makeup really stands out and she has used a few techniques to achieve her desired look including a pencil or liquid liner to flick outwards to widen her eyes.

‘She has applied a deep metallic ash hue on her eyelids and blended it with a soft brown around her upper eyes to achieve an instant sultry look. She has also used eye shadow to further exaggerate her cat flick.’

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