Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, July 12

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, July 12

July 13, 2023


As some jobs end and deadlines are met, you will be looking for the next good opportunity. It will feel like it is time for new starts. Of course there will be the usual teething troubles but you are ready to meet new challenges and you can handle these. Trying something different puts a twinkle in your eye.


Just because a recent project carried out by a creative team was a huge success, this does not mean the next undertaking will be as successful. Others seem to be taking it for granted that everything is going to go well but you prefer not to drop your guard.


There are a few things you need to get off your chest and you can’t hold these in any longer. An older relative might advise that you leave it for a few more days before bringing up touchy topics. You aren’t being disrespectful by going against this advice. It is important for you to get something out into the open.


It will be a varied schedule that you need right now as this will allow you to give in to moments of fun and spontaneity. In fact the need for change and excitement will be so strong within you that you will find it hard to resist. Avoid someone who has already been trying to cause trouble recently because they can’t understand your restless spirit.


Headaches and stress-related illnesses may have something to do with you starting to feel cooped-up at home or in the office. Getting out of doors will be the best medicine. Some fresh air would do you the world of good. A walk in the park or a swim can help keep anxiety at bay.


You’re enjoying jobs you have volunteered to do because this is what you have chosen to do. It does not matter if these are taking up a lot of your time. Even so, it may not be wise to take on any more. Don’t make so many promises and commitments that you won’t be able to keep them all.


You may not share a partner’s outlook on some issues but you have always been able to look at arguments from different perspectives. That’s why you do understand where they are coming from. Remember though that your views are valid too. Be sure that other people listen to you.


Disagreements are going on far too long. Moodiness is now getting in the way. Someone isn’t going to be very receptive to your suggestions when they are still sulking. Since you won’t like this kind of atmosphere you will start working on finding a compromise.


Jobs you weren’t expecting to be easy will go like a dream. What’s most frustrating is tasks you could normally do with your eyes closed are suddenly problematic. An online conversation will be of interest to you even if you are just watching this from the side-lines.


Many hands will make the work lighter. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t keen on working in a team. This is necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Besides, spending time with friends and workmates will stimulate you mentally and this will keep you motivated.


A memorable day in terms of career affairs. Some serious discussions will lead to exciting changes. A public authority figure will put an interesting proposition your way. Business arrangements and social engagements could lead to romance if you are single.


Your creative ideas will be enthusiastically received. Older friends and relatives will look to you for answers. Younger friends aren’t so impressed when they think they know it all, which of course, they don’t. A housemate will sign up on a cookery course and not before time.

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