Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, July 1

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, July 1

July 1, 2022

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Don’t be in a rush to embark on a romance or to get too close to a new friend or neighbour too quickly. If you sense someone isn’t trustworthy, tread warily. Confiding in a friend you can trust will help you see a personal dilemma from a more objective perspective.


Recently you’ve been feeling trapped by circumstances or long-term arrangements that no longer make you happy. Meeting up with old friends will make you realise there are options open to you to break out of a restricting situation. Whether this is going back to the classroom, applying for a new job or travelling overseas, take action now.


Your mind takes you back to the past. Allow this phase of reminiscing. This will help you re-evaluate and revisit old haunts, habits, fears and joys. Through this journey you will suddenly discover what is now missing in your life. You need this reminder of what is really important to you.


Someone who is close to you expects you to buy them an expensive gift because they can’t afford it. You wonder why they feel you have the money for luxuries and extravagances when they know there are bills to be paid. Even though you might want to please them, remind yourself you cannot buy someone’s affection.


If you’re planning a holiday, choose a destination that is off the beaten track. You enjoy being in the spotlight, but it is solitude and silence you most yearn for now. Retreating to a quiet hideaway where you can relax, dream and create without outside interference will be therapeutic.


A hyperactive friend or colleague’s behaviour is starting to drain you. Of course, it will leave you feeling sad, but you might make the conscious decision to see less of them in the future. Or at least until you feel less tired and emotionally drained and more able to cope with their constant demands.


Harsh lessons a youngster has to go through would be better learned now than later. Someone is testing boundaries by going against your wishes. Whether this is in the home or the workplace, be sure to follow through with an ultimatum. Some discipline now will be better than disaster in the future.


A need to be creative is tugging at your subconscious. You would never shirk your responsibilities but you’re tired of having to deal with serious concerns. You just want the luxury of being able to create something beautiful from your imagination. Paint, write poetry or take photographs. Feed your soul.


There is something rewarding and fulfilling about being able to turn your ideas into reality while overseeing other people’s work. Presiding over an important venture is the opportunity you have been looking for to put your leadership skills to work. Attaining a top position feels great.


When you see a genuine need in someone, you will always offer support and understanding. Your generosity towards someone you care for will take them by surprise when they have always seen you as being careful with your cash and cautious about expressing emotions.


Your concern over how your plans will affect other people are stopping you from moving forward. Are there any hopes that eventually you will get what you want? This can only happen if you start making your own needs a priority. Those who care for you will be willing to support your wishes.


A friend or neighbour will want to share a juicy secret. What you hear might cause you some concern and you will want to keep it to yourself. The fewer people who know about this, the better. Besides, you can’t be sure if the information you have been given is the truth.

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