Home cook’s Marmite hack gets roast potatoes perfectly crispy every time

Home cook’s Marmite hack gets roast potatoes perfectly crispy every time

January 11, 2021

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Food fans have been in meltdown online after a photo of some Marmite roast potatoes were shared online.

A social media user, known as Uel C, shared a snap of his roast tatties, complete with Marmite glaze, on foodie and cooking Facebook group Rate My Plate.

And people couldn't get enough, with his post racking up more than 25,000 likes and 34,000 comments on the quirky dish from Facebook users.

Despite Marmite being known as a controversial product – with the brand renowned for it's 'Love it or hate it' slogan, it seemed most fans of the group were loving the idea.

One wrote: "Two of my fav things – Marmite and roast potatoes."

As another added: "These are delicious, I made them the other day."

A third chimed in" "Mmm…may have to try these! I love roast potatoes.. and I love Marmite."

While a fourth wrote: "Marmite roast potatoes are the best and taste amazing! Always have to make double so we can have more after."

Others weren't so sure though, as one social media warned: "Hopefully you have a strong stomach, too many of those and it will be a disaster…"

A second moaned: "I love roasties and they look amazing. Only thing is you've killed them with the Marmite."

Another user also suggested a way to improve the potatoes even more – adding cheese on top of them.

The photo comes as one TikTok user recently shared his simple and crispy roast potato recipe, which was branded 'the best one ever'.

The recipe, which was shared online by @jimlad83 on his TikTok channel, involves using Crisp 'N Dry rapeseed oil as well as clover margarine.

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