Hilarious snaps reveal instructions that are anything but helpful

Hilarious snaps reveal instructions that are anything but helpful

May 24, 2022

Orders that are best ignored! Hilarious snaps reveal instructions that are anything but helpful

  • Opossum Sauce rounded up photos from around the world of funny mistakes
  • One snap shows an emergency hub that doesn’t have a phone installed 
  • Another image captures the moment a man proposed with an aggressive banner 

We’ve all had ideas that we think would benefit other people, but as proven by these viral photos a second opinion is always valuable.

People from around the world have taken to social media to share photos of people whose good intentions ended in disaster, with Opossum Sauce rounding up a selection of the best examples.

Among the snaps is an emergency hub that has a sign telling those in desperate situations to look elsewhere because a phone hasn’t been installed.

Another photo shows how the poor wording on a banner made a marriage proposal seem very aggressive.  

Opossum Sauce has rounded up a selection of viral photos that capture good intentions that fell short – including an emergency hub without a telephone installed 

Floods of tears! One woman  in the Philippines was understandably emotional after her groom proposed with a banner stating she has no choice but to get married 

Another image shows a box with confusing labels after the symbols weren’t spell checked or placed in the correct order 

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Talk about a typo! Another snap shows a newspaper reporter in County Donegal who named an interviewee despite having being asked to remain anonymous 

Simple instructions! A screenshot from a WhatsApp conversation shows how a man who didn’t understand how to boil two cups of water left his friend in shock

A business owner who wanted to make their building more accessible made the baffling decision to paint a disabled sign on a staircase

Another picture reveals a label had to be added to an exit button after a sign was hung above with the wrong information 

In a rush! A speedometre in the US showed drivers the time instead of their speed, which is really not helpful 

Guesswork! This instruction manual left out some very basic information, unless you happen to be a mind reader  

Challenge accepted! A puzzler was left disappointed after the designer of a maze made it too easy to solve 

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