High raw vegans' go viral with their diet of fruit and vegetables

High raw vegans' go viral with their diet of fruit and vegetables

July 11, 2022

‘High raw’ vegan couple baffles TikTok by documenting their BIZARRE daily diet that consists almost entirely of FRUIT (including a whopping 8LBS of melon for breakfast) and bans all oil and processed sugar

  • Allee and Hendry Gurong have gone viral on TikTok after sharing their high raw vegan diet which sees them surviving almost entirely on raw fruit 
  • The couple went viral after sharing a ‘what we eat in a day’ video which gained over 135,000 views and included fruit feasts and salads
  • Allee and Hendry’s high raw vegan diets means they mostly eat raw and unprocessed foods but around 10% to 25% of their diet is cooked foods  
  • Their $200 per week grocery list also included 8lbs of melon, mangoes, papayas and many other fruits  
  • Allee and Hendry have received plenty of attention on their social media as many users are shocked on how they survive on mostly fruits 
  • Many of their TikTok followers shared their concerns in the couple’s comments section questioning if they were ‘ok’ and adding that they looked ‘tired’ 

A couple has gone viral on TikTok after sharing their earthy diet which consists of fruit, vegetables, low salt and leaves out any processed sugar or oils. 

Allee and her fiancé Hendry Gurong who are understood to be primarily based in the US but also document themselves regularly traveling around the globe, have been together for ten years – time that has largely been spent doing yoga, and dedicating themselves to a ‘high raw’ vegan lifestyle. 

A high raw vegan diet includes 75 per cent to 90 per cent raw and unprocessed foods and 10 per cent to 25 per cent cooked foods, however bans processed sugar and oil all together. 

The couple went viral after sharing a ‘what we eat in a day as high raw vegans’ video to TikTok, which gained over 135,000 views and nearly 10,000 likes. 

Allee and her fiancé Hendry have gone viral on TikTok after revealing their high raw vegan diet which includes ‘no sugar, low salt, and no oil’ 

Allee and Hendry have been a couple for over ten years and have spent their time together documenting their diets specifically on their TikTok channel 

In one video the couple shared that they often only eat fruit and had ‘8 lbs’ of melon to ‘hydrate,’ the couple calls their meals ‘fruitfeasts’

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High raw vegan diet: What it is and how sustainable it is?

  • A high raw vegan diet includes mostly raw unprocessed foods but usually follows a percentage of 75-90% raw foods and 25-10% cooked foods. 
  • A raw foods diet includes foods in their uncooked or natural state and omits most other foods
  • Although a high raw vegan diet may improve heart health and reduce your risk for diabetes, it’s important check vitamin B12 levels which come from the consumption of animal products while following a raw diet 
  • A high raw vegan diet may also result in a nutritionally unbalanced diet and may cause muscles and bones to weaken

The video began with them sharing they ‘hydrate’ with ‘8 lbs’ of melon. Then snacked on a ‘fruitfeast’ made up of mangoes and pithayas. 

For the lunch the couple shared a blueberry muffin ‘nicecream’ which is their raw vegan version of ice cream and finished off their day with eggplant alfredo with brown rice and gluten free pasta. 

When they aren’t eating raw food, the pair practice yoga and are both founders of ‘Ah The Space’ where they share five weekly practices made to ‘train the mind-body to cultivate an open, spacious, expansive presence.’ 

Their TikTok channel has received major traffic from both vegans and non-vegans – with many voicing shock at seeing what the couple survives on. 

In one clip Allee and Hendry share their meals of the day as passionfruit and strawberries, mangos, a salad made with purely vegetables, homemade cinnamon rolls and burgers – vegan of course.

And their diets don’t seem to differ from day to day either; in another clip the couple documented themselves eating a plate of vegetables, an avocado salad with onions and peppers, avocado toast and vegetable kabobs.

The two did decide to mix it up for dinner as they added grains in their meal with a plate of lentils and rice mixed with okras, potatoes, pickled vegetables and spinach. 

The couple’s fruit based TikTok also shows them cooking, eating and practicing yoga which they note is essential as it ‘aids in digestion.’ 

Allee and Hendry gave their followers an even deeper dive into their lifestyle when they shared they often don’t use utensils when eating. 

In one clip both Allee and Hendry are shown eating with their hands which they said helps to ‘engage all your senses’ and ‘deepens your connection and gratitude. ‘ 

Allee and Hendry even share some of their recipes on their TikTok and their website including a ‘raw vegan sushi’ recipe in Hendry showed their followers how to incorporate sushi in their high raw vegan diet. 

Besides running a fruit based TikTok, Allee and Hendry also spend their time practicing yoga and even share techniques to their website and Instagram 

Another video showed them eating an avocado salad with onions and peppers, they paired the avocado salad with mixed greens and veggie sliders

The couple even shares recipes to both their TikTok and Instagram including this raw sushi which included nori wraps with avocado, mangoes, cucumbers and sprouts

The clip showed Hendry filling nori wraps with avocados, mangos, cucumbers and sprouts. He ended the video by rolling up the sushi and eating it right away.

And their TikTok channel doesn’t just document what they eat, the couple also explains why they follow a high raw vegan diet.

In one video titled ‘why eat the rainbow’ Hendry explains that the benefits of eating ‘yellow’ or a pineapple are that it’s great for both your skin and eyes.

The video then cuts to a clip of Hendry cutting open a coconut and explaining that the fruit helps to ‘reduce inflammation, protect cells against damages’ and provides the body with ‘necessary electrolytes.’  

And in an last effort to persuade their followers to go high raw vegan, Hendry shows a sapote fruit with the caption ‘the benefits of eating brown’ and said the fruit helps to ‘aid in digestion, boost immunity, and maintain strong bones.’ 

TikTok users were shocked by their diet and while some applauded them for their dedication many questioned if the couple was ‘ok’

The couple also added that they spend around $200 per week on groceries despite banning both sugar and oil from their diet. 

Their TikTok followers were shocked by their lifestyle and while some users were impressed by the couple’s dedication to their diet, many were quick to fill their comments section with their concerns. 

‘Are you guys ok,’ questioned one user.

‘YESSSSSSSS I want this lifestyle,’ said another.’ 

A third user added: ‘Bro is on 1%.’

‘I’m not hating but at all but y’all look tired,’ commented another user. 

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