Hey, Your Last Weekly Tarot Horoscope of 2020 Is Here

Hey, Your Last Weekly Tarot Horoscope of 2020 Is Here

December 28, 2020

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Although it’s probably not something you think about too frequently, the Hierophant wants you to examine what you believe in this week. We all follow a belief system, whether it’s religious, spiritual, family-based, professional, personal, or ideological—or, most likely, a mixture of some or all of the above. Know yourself, your values, and what makes you feel like you belong. Acknowledge your community and your ideals. Then, think about how you will support those things in 2021. It will help you feel secure and ~part of something~ bigger than yourself. Deep stuff!


A thirst for adventure is coursing through your veins this week—typical Aries—and the Knight of Wands gives you permission to satisfy it. Overcome a fear, face down a challenge, explore something or someplace (or someone!) new and exciting. You thrive on experiencing intense emotions or feeling like you’ve conquered something. Start 2021 with a bang by doing just that.


You need to do a releasing ritual this New Year, Taurus. Use it to consciously and fully let go of baggage and burdens that you do NOT want to drag into 2021. The Five of Coins is a signal to unload. I know you hate leaving anything behind, but this is bad stuff, and it needs to go. Light a candle, write down your burdens, and consciously affirm you are going to put them down. Then, burn the paper and scatter the ashes out of an open window. Adios!


Travel is your favorite thing—it broadens your horizons, stimulates your intellect, and makes you a better person TBH. The Chariot sees you itching to be on the move in 2021, so you should use this week to make some (safe and realistic) plans. It could be a local trip, a staycation, or a move. Recognize that you’re ready to change things up in some way, and create a vision of what that is going to look like this coming year.


Winter is hibernation time for you, Cancer, and that’s okay. You need this break from everyday life so you can recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. You don’t need to crash land in 2021. The Ace of Coins says you can take a slow run-up to the year. Nothing needs to change overnight; everything is moving at a steady pace. Your plans are in motion, and your life is where it should be. Take a break—you deserve it.


The Two of Cups shows that your love life is front and center this year, Leo—congrats! Dating, romantic gestures, new lovers, secret admirers, even proposals are in play for you. Whatever your relationship status is right now, expect it to heat up dramatically over the coming week. Cupid’s coming for you!


2020 sucked, in many deeply weird and troubling ways. The Eight of Cups asks you to raise a glass and reflect on the stuff that didn’t work out, got delayed or cancelled, or just totally failed. Feeling okay? Of course you are because, you know what, you survived it! You’re here, you’re strong, and you’re brave. You made it through one of the worst years ever, and you’re ready to take that wisdom and resilience and put it to use in 2021.


OMG, Libra, your life is always so complicated! You always have a million different options and ideas, a thousand half-completed projects, and a multi-layered love life. Who can keep up? No one. The Lovers asks you to simplify things this New Year. Examine the complexity of your life and choose to get rid of some of the unnecessary options you’re living with. Make everything clearer, cleaner, and easier. I guarantee you will wake up on January 1 feeling lighter and brighter.


Scorpio, I salute you. Strength is a tarot card that represents your personal growth in 2020. You’re closing out the year as a better person with tougher armor and a warmer heart. You have experienced some shit, and you haven’t backed down. You’ve faced obstacles, and fought through them—and helped out others, too. You’re the kind of person we need to be strong for us in 2021. Keep on being you.


Something new is just around the corner, can you feel it? It’s coming, and it’s going to be magical. Sagittarius, get ready to welcome opportunity, love, invitations, promotions, and ideas into your life. The Ace of Cups is a beautiful card about the kind of fresh starts that renew our appreciation for life itself. You’re preparing to bring something new in your life, and it will change it forever, for the better.


Put down your phone, laptop, and schedule, Cap, because the Four of Swords is a massive ~time out~ from the Universe. Take a break! You’re in danger of burning out if you don’t take some time to rest and relax. Do whatever makes you feel comforted, rested, and content. Eat, drink, celebrate, and nap.


Life isn’t always polite and considerate, is it? When we face issues and problems over the holidays, it just doesn’t seem fair. Aquarius, don’t stress. The Nine of Wands shows that whatever hiccups you encounter this week are NBD. Blast through them, and on the other side is the happy time you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t get hung up on small problems— just deal with them, and focus on the stuff you’re looking forward to.


New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone, but the Devil brings a surge of motivation and willpower to you this week. There’s a bad habit, attitude, or behavior that you’d like to leave behind in 2020. And you know what? It’s time to do it. Make a change this week, Pisces, and it WILL stick. Break the pattern and feel free.

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