Here’s The Top Nine Vs. Best Nine 2018 Apps To Help Find Your Fave Instagram Photos

Here’s The Top Nine Vs. Best Nine 2018 Apps To Help Find Your Fave Instagram Photos

December 13, 2018

The end of 2018 is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to take a moment and think about all of the Insta-worthy moments you’ve had within the past 12 months. Thankfully, there are a few apps that’ll help you view your top nine posts in one place. Yes, you read that correctly: There are a few of ’em — and they’re each different. One is called the Top Nine app, and the other is called the Best Nine app (tricky, right?). Believe it or not, each app does the exact same thing using two different methods. If you’re curious about differences between the Top Nine versus Best Nine 2018 apps, read on. Regardless of which one you end up using, you’ll probably get the same results.

In order to understand how each app works, I downloaded both of them and gave ’em a try. As I previously mentioned, I got the same exact results after using both platforms, which makes total sense. By the looks of it, both apps collect your highest-ranking Instagram photos from the past year based off of the number of likes on each one. Therefore, I’d expect both outcomes to be the same. Still, I wanted to try each method to find out for myself. Throughout the process, I did notice some major differences between the two — and you can learn more about them below.

Top Nine

In order to use Top Nine to find out which Instagram photos on your grid scored the most likes, you have two options. You can either download the app or visit the Top Nine website on your computer desktop.

Once you choose your method, you’ll have to enter your Instagram username — and then, you’ll have to provide the company with your email address. Once you enter your email address on the company’s website, you’ll get a notification that says Top Nine will email your grid to you when it’s done being created. Mine was emailed to me a few minutes after I completed the steps, and I was able to view my Top Nine Instagram posts from 2018.

However, after I completed the Top Nine process on the app, my grid was automatically presented to me on my phone (I didn’t have to check my inbox). Still, I had to enter my email address on the app — which is something that Best Nine does not require.

Best Nine

When you use Best Nine, you will not have to provide the company with your email address. That, in my opinion, is the one major difference between the two platforms.

In order to utilize Best Nine, you’ll have to download the app on the App Store, because it’s only available for iOS users. Once you download it, you can go ahead and start the process. First, you’ll need to select the year that you’re hoping to see an Instagram roundup of.

After you’ve chosen 2018 (or a different year, if you’re feeling nostalgic), you’ll have to sign into the app. In order to do so, you’ll have to provide your phone number, Instagram username, or email address. Then, you’ll have to enter your Instagram password — and you’ll be all set. In other words, you can enter your username and password for IG and access your Best Nine.

After entering your Instagram information, you’ll finally be taken to your Best Nine roundup. Like I said, my Best Nine was identical to my Top Nine, which makes total sense. The only major differences between the two platforms is that Top Nine requires your email address and has its own website, while Best Nine does not. Each one will give your your highest-ranking IG posts from 2018, though — so pick your preferred app and start the process.

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