Here’s How Andy Cohen Earns And Spends His $50 Million Fortune

Here’s How Andy Cohen Earns And Spends His $50 Million Fortune

August 3, 2023

Andy Cohen is known as the “Daddy” of Bravo for a reason. He’s the face of the network, the host of reunion tapings, and the executive producer for many of Bravo’s most popular shows. On top of being behind shows like The Real Housewives and Top Chef, Cohen also has a late-night talk show on Bravo called Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The talk show typically has those from Bravo shows and his famous friends who are fans of the network. Together, Cohen talks about Bravo shows like The Real Housewives and gets the inside scoop from celebrities. As if being the face of Bravo wasn’t paying off financially, Cohen is also a five-time New York Times Best-Selling author and is the host of his own Serius XM radio show — Radio Andy.

Between working for Bravo and his successful career in radio and writing, Cohen is raking in the cash. Back in 2021, Distractify shared that Cohen had a $50 million net worth. Contributing to that $50 million is the $10 million he gets annually from Bravo, his books, and other ventures. With millions of dollars pouring in from his reality TV and media success, how exactly does Cohen spend his money?

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Andy Loves His New York State Properties

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One of the things Cohen has been open about is spending his fortune on properties. As a New York City native, Cohen has multiple apartments spread out, on top of having land in the Hamptons. In 2022, Cohen bought a $18 million penthouse in the West Village, and funny enough, he has more than one apartment in the same neighborhood. In 2017, Cohen sat down with Elle Decor and shared that he bought an apartment in 2003 and made a duplex over the years.

In an interview with Bravo, Andy hinted at buying another New York City apartment but didn’t mention where it was located or what his ideas were for decor. He did, however, talk about his love for the Hamptons and splurging on a new house after renting the same Hamptons home for over 20 years. “I always said the only thing that would get me to leave this [beach rental] would be if I was ever lucky enough to have a house on the ocean. And I actually never envisioned myself able to afford that,” the TV host said. “That was not in my realm… I just came from the walk-through at my new beach house, which will be done, god knows when. Maybe the end of the year.”

With multiple properties in New York City and a Hamptons home, Andy is spending the majority of his time and money on real estate.

He Splurges On Luxury Items

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Andy Cohen doesn’t talk about his spending too much, but back in 2019 he sat down with CNBC and talked about the luxury items he’s willing to spend money on. After calling himself a newfound “splurger,” he explained that his good pal John Mayor was the one who encouraged him to spend his money on luxury items that had value. He said, “I was shopping with John Mayer, who is a watch collector… he talked me into a [Rolex] that was outside of what I was thinking, but I’m glad I did it.” Watch Advisor explained that Rolexs can vary between $6,500 to the six-figure range. Making $10 million+ a year has its upside, and one of those perks is owning a Rolex that is only more valuable with time.

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Cohen is also a big fan of art. He’s known to own Andy Warhol’s 1985 portrait of country singer Dolly Parton, which he’s shown off on Instagram. Fine Art Vendor shared that the print was sold in 2012 at a Christies auction for $626,500, but it’s unknown if Cohen was the buyer at that time. Cohen’s home office and homes have been shown on his social media feed, and things are meticulously chosen; every item has a space and a purpose.

First Class Is The Only Way To Travel

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Considering how busy Andy Cohen is with multiple jobs, two children, and various properties, it’s astounding when Cohen finds time to himself to travel. He has been seen tanning on the beaches of Miami, Florida, Tahiti, and St. Barths. And as is expected with the mega-rich, he travels in style.

Bravo shared that Cohen only flies first class (if he’s not already on a private plane) when traveling. However, although he has millions and splashes his money on luxury trips, he keeps it lowkey when traveling around New York City. Instead of waiting for a cab or a private car in the city, Cohen takes the subway. “It’s the fastest way to get around New York… it’s way faster. I don’t want to sit in a car. It’s a waste of money. It’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of gas,” he said.

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