Hello, the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2020 Has Arrived

Hello, the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2020 Has Arrived

October 13, 2020

It’s that time of year again: Mercury Retrograde. The last one of the year, in fact. This (in)famous astrological phenomenon begins in the evening of October 13, and it lasts all the way up until November 3, AKA Election Day. This retrograde is starting out in the fixed water sign, Scorpio, but on October 23 it retrogrades back into the cardinal air sign, Libra.

While Mercury is retrograding through Scorpio, the water signs (Cancer and Pisces) will be having a relatively easy time, while the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will def be struggling. The pressure eases off the fixed signs once Mercury enters Libra on October 23, when the air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) will begin to feel way better about the retrograde and the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will start feeling more pressure.

We’ve all heard of Mercury Retrograde, but a quick recap on what it actually is: When a planet is retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards in the sky from our POV on Earth, and whatever area of life that planet represents becomes a little wonky and lopsided. Since Mercury governs communication, commerce, and travel, you can expect hella misunderstandings between you and your boo/squad/family/whoever and tons of missed texts/emails/phone calls. And you should definitely make sure you double-triple-check your schedule because your time management skills are really suffering.

When Mercury is in Scorpio, an emotional, mysterious, and intense sign, you take on a more probing, psychological manner of thinking and communicating. This is great for studying or making deep, intimate connections with others, but remember, this retrograde is making everything more difficult. So that probing, psychological mindset might lead you to overthinking the tiniest little things! Maybe your sister borrowed a cute top without asking—this retrograde energy can make it easy for you to overanalyze what happened and think that your sister stole that top in order to mess with your head, when really, all she wanted was to serve a cute look!

Scorpios always know what’s up, and Mercury in Scorpio (especially when retrograde) is notorious for making you want to gossip and spread/listen to rumors, because you simply want the tea. What goes around comes around during Mercury Retrograde, so if you’re talking sh*t or gossiping too much, whoever you’re throwing shade at will almost certainly hear about it! The same goes for you, too—if you’ve got haters, you can expect to have to deal with their drama by the end of the retrograde. BTW: Scorpio, being a fixed sign, has very stubborn vibes, so your first reaction to an argument/disagreement is to stick to your guns and fight it out, even if you’re totally in the wrong!

So, how do we navigate this retrograde? Well, first of all, make sure you read your Mars Retrograde horoscope because that transit’s influence is, um, still very much happening!!! Second of all, understand that you’re feeling extra sensitive right now—ground yourself often, be patient, try to compromise, and keep your feelings in check. 2020 has been, in a word, rough. And from an astrological perspective, things are staying rough, at least for now. (Sorry!!!) But some good news: 2021 has a multitude of exciting, fun astro-weather, but you gotta navigate this final retrograde first. You totally got this!

Read your Sun/Rising horoscopes for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio below:


Right now, Mercury is honing your focus on two things: intimacy and taxes. Fun! There are probs miscommunications re: your sex life coming up now. Your FWB/date could ghost, or your partner (or you) might never be in the mood. And as far as taxes go, let’s just say you should keep a very close eye on your inbox (especially your junk mail) to see if any outstanding debts show up!


This retrograde is starting out pretty wild, Taurus. Once Mercury scoots into Libra in a couple of weeks, it’ll be easier, but for now, expect miscommunications, arguments, and other retro-shady stuff happening in your relationships. All your “B” relationships—your bestie, your boo, business partners, and people you’re beefing with—are Mercury’s big focus right now. Do not start any new relationships during the retrograde, because they will not last, sry. Oh, PS: you’re totally going to deal with some drama from an ex soon.


Work job is a big priority for you right now, because this retrograde is turning everything at the office on its head! Look out for scheduling issues, missed calls/emails from your boss or coworkers, and arguments/drama with coworkers. There’s lots of gossip around your workplace now, too, but try to avoid indulging! If it’s possible to work from home or just focus on solo projects right now, that’s your best bet for making it out of this retrograde in one piece. If not, just try your best to avoid getting involved in others’ business and you’ll be fine.


This retrograde actually starts off pretty easy for you. Your Cancerian vibes mix and mingle beautifully with fellow water sign Scorpio’s energy, so you’re likely avoiding a lot of the retrograde drama. This is a time to look at yourself and the way you think/communicate about your love life. You’re a very loving, nurturing sign, but you’re realizing that although you love to love others, you struggle to let others love you. Whether you’re single or not doesn’t matter—now’s the time to focus on building up confidence and learning to love yourself, so you can come out at the end of the retrograde feeling like a bad b*tch!


As Mercury moonwalks through your fellow fixed sign Scorpio, you’re finding it more difficult to communicate your feelings to others, especially your family and the people you live with. You’re stubborn, but Scorpio is even more stubborn. This blend of energy makes it super easy for tiny misunderstandings to explode into actual conflict, especially with how sensitive everyone’s feeling rn. I’m not putting all the blame on you if/when these arguments come up, but you can work to avoid the drama. You feel like your deepest emotions are coming to the surface and you have to express them no matter who/what is around you. These urgent vibes can make you snap at people, so just make sure you pick your words very carefully, and you’ll be alright!


Mercury, your ruling planet, is all about communication, and this retrograde is taking place in the part of your chart that’s literally dedicated to communication, Virgo. Basically, it’s extra important for you to think before you speak, double check emails for typos, and make sure you’re sending those emails/texts/whatever to the right person. The LAST thing you want is for you to give into Mercury in Scorpios’ sh*t-talking vibes with your pals and accidentally send a super shady text to the person you’re gossiping about!


Sry, Libra, but you need to watch your wallet. No, you’re not going to suddenly go broke, but paychecks may be delayed, new jobs might have a very rough start, and if you’re even slightly entertaining the idea of investing money somewhere other than your savings account, um, don’t. Use Mercury in Scorpio’s perceptive, critical vibes to review your budget, stay on top of your financial situation, figure out how to spend less and save more, and you’ll be just fine! This is a minor transit for you, though, so don’t freak out…until Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on October 23, at least.


Since Mercury is now retrograde in your sign, misunderstandings, miscommunications, and mishaps are becoming major themes in your life. Don’t be scared, because Mercury is only in your sign until October 23, but the next couple weeks might still be a struggle. You might feel like everything you say just comes out all wrong, or other people simply aren’t picking up what you’re laying down. You’re already stubborn, emotional, and prone to getting very frustrated over small things, and these traits combined with Mercury Retrograde makes for a volatile vibe. Be patient. Be careful with your words. Make sure you listen just as much (or more) as you’re speaking. You can get through this!


Exes, old friends, and projects/jobs that you never completed are aaalllll coming back. Yes, it’s stressful, and yes, it might be a little dramatic, but you got this, Sagittarius. When these old flames/ex-buddies come back around, don’t pop off on them. Hear them out! If they’re just here to talk sh*t, take that as a sign from the Universe that they truly don’t belong in your circle anymore. And if they want to get back together and you’re interested, too, please do not re-start your relationship until the retrograde ends. People love to give you a tough time because you have a rep for being loud and sometimes obnoxious (no offense!), but you can successfully navigate this retrograde with just a little bit of patience and self-control. Ultimately, this is a time to find closure, clear out past baggage, and open up space in your life for newer, better, healthier relationships.


The first half of this retrograde finds you paying way more attention to issues with your squad. You’re trying to be a peacemaker, but this retrograde is pushing you to realize that sometimes, you don’t have to. If there are real issues between you and your friends, maybe your friendship has met its expiration date. The people you hang around with say a ton about the person you are, so keep it real with yourself and ask: “Is this friendship really worth my time?” You might feel like your friend group is caught in a bizarre game of musical chairs, but listen, Capricorn. You are, if nothing else, rational. You can look at the circumstances popping up in your social life, analyze what’s going on, and confidently make a decision. Sure, you might lose a few friends, but you’re just clearing out space in your life for better relationships.


This retrograde starts out in your chart’s midheaven, which is a point specifically dedicated to your career, public image, and life trajectory. That promotion you’ve been dying to get? Not happening—at least, not right now. The raise/bonus your boss promised you? Don’t expect any direct deposits in your bank account quite yet. You’re being judged right now, Aquarius, so the actions you take at work matter way more. Try to roll with the punches if miscommunications or scheduling mishaps pop up, and make sure you are busting! your! ass! on the job. Hard work now = huge results after the retrograde ends, but being lazy or late will def lead to drama!


This retrograde starts out with Mercury in a fellow water sign, so you’re getting nice, harmonious vibes for the next couple of weeks. This retrograde is focusing on any areas of your life related to travel and higher education. If you’re going on a long road trip any time soon, expect delays/scheduling issues/flat tires. Make sure you thoroughly check your agenda, pack everything you need, and keep an eye on the time, or you might get on the wrong train. If you’re a student, be diligent and make sure you’re working hard. If you have a paper due at midnight, maybe try not turning it in at 11:55 PM. Your internet might glitch out or your computer could die. But stay on top of your sh*t and you’ll make it through just fine!

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