Greggs superfan’s pals get matching logo tattoos after he dies in freak accident

Greggs superfan’s pals get matching logo tattoos after he dies in freak accident

November 10, 2021

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Family and friends of a former RAF man who suffered a tragic death have paid tribute to him by getting matching Greggs tattoos.

Greggs super fan Lee Wright was ‘obsessed’ with the British bakery and knew all the service stations in the UK that had one.

The 31-year-old HGV driver from Fleetwood in Lancashire had even hoped to one day have a son with the middle name Greggs until he died in a freak work accident in September.

But days after his death, his heartbroken sister, Hayley Wright, 26, suggested getting matching tatts for Lee.

Now Hayley, her dad and five of Lee’s pals have got Greggs on legs logo tattoos.

Speaking with the Daily Star, Hayley said: “Lee loved his food and Greggs was his absolute favourite.

“He was obsessed with it and always went for the steak bake. Lee wouldn’t ever go to another bakery, it just had to be Greggs.

"I suggested the matching tattoos and someone said 'what about a Greggs one' as a joke but then we thought actually that's perfect.

"He died on a Monday and by the Friday it was all done."

The supply teacher added: “I’ve had a couple of stupid tattoos and had them covered up but this is now pride of place on my ankle and I wear my jeans rolled up just so people can see it.

“Lee loved to laugh and smile so as long as it makes people do that then it’s great.

“I think Lee would laugh at us for this and then he’d probably buy us a jager bomb for doing it.”

Lee served in the RAF for nine years before becoming a HGV driver.

He supported Fulham and loved nothing more than playing practical jokes on his family.

Remembering her brother, Hayley said: “He was hand on heart my best friend and he always classed me as one of the lads and that was really lovely.

“He loved being a practical joker and I have a massive phobia of nail files so last Christmas he put a massive stash of them in with all the presents.

“And a few years ago he brought me what I thought was a Greggs pastry because of the wrapper.

“I was like ‘Oh my god you’ve got me a Greggs’ and he was laughing and he gave me an empty wrapper with all the gravy juice inside that had fallen out of the pie.

“I was fuming and thought it was really mean. So I paid him back by giving him an empty wrapper to put in the coffin with him.

“It was a great payback!”

After his sudden death Hayley and her dad were in the social club discussing how best to remember Lee.

And a group of six got the tatts the very next day while one of Lee’s RAF mates went to a tattoo studio in San Diego to get his.

Hayley said: “When I was getting it done I just couldn’t be sad because he would be calling me an idiot and laughing but he’d think it was brilliant.”

And giving an insight into Lee’s fascination with Greggs, Hayley added: “If you said you were travelling on the M62 he would tell you where the closest Greggs was and whether it was northbound or southbound.

“He knew every single Greggs on the motorways and he just loved it.”

Hayley now often gets stopped by passers by who ask about her unique tatt.

She said: “I was sat in school the other day and the kids were like ‘Oh my god why do you have a Greggs tattoo’ and it was a case of them finishing their work so I could tell them after.

“Then a few days ago I was getting a tyre changed and the guy looked at me and laughed and shouted another guy over.

“They were asking why I had it and that’s nice because I get to talk about Lee.

“I miss my brother so much but I’m glad these tattoos mean he’s still making people laugh.

“He really would love that.”

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