Giovanni ‘completed’ Ranvir on Strictly tonight – body language shows ‘bonding signals’

Giovanni ‘completed’ Ranvir on Strictly tonight – body language shows ‘bonding signals’

November 28, 2020

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Ranvir and Giovanni danced the American Smooth on Strictly Come Dancing tonight, but were given low scores by the judges. The couple have found themselves in the spotlight since the show started thanks to their sizzling chemistry on the dancefloor – but does it imply something further off screen?

Speaking exclusively to, body language expert Judi James shared her insight on the duo.

She said: “Was it telling that this couple moved from their displays of early-dating sexual passion during last week’s torrid routine to playing the role of a blissfully married couple this week, sharing body language signals of flirting, playfulness and a deeper, more established love?

“So far they have kept the stabilisers on in terms of their behaviour off the dance floor, but tonight they appeared to keep in role more after their American Smooth.

“Ranvir has shown signs of being made self-conscious by all the nudging hints about the curse of Strictly but this week she looked comfortable losing those inhibitions, cuddling Giovanni and even teasing him during the feedback so that she could throw her arms around his torso and gaze up into his face.”

Comparing them to other couples on the show, Judi continued: “This is the couple using the most solid bouts of eye contact when they speak together during rehearsals and Ranvir was even screaming and giggling loudly after a clumsy first attempt at a lift, wrapping one arm around her body in a coy-looking barrier and using the other hand to cover her face in a cut-off ritual like a shy teen.

“Ranvir has grown so much in terms of body confidence but she is still struggling with her lifts, almost as though she doesn’t believe she will get airborne.

“Her solo dance was superb but when Giovanni stepped out toward her he completed her in a way that only this couple can do in the competition.

“Their torsos seem to literally melt together and at one point they danced while rubbing noses, which was an incredible feat of mutual trust and which looked much sexier than it sounds.

“She placed a hand round the back of his head to create the impression of a near-kiss and at the end they fell into a close hug, with Ranvir’s hands clutching at Giovanni’s back.”

So, is this a hint of a real relationship off screen – or are the dance partners excellent actors, able to conjure up passion for the dance floor?

It seems it is the latter, as Judi explained: “Are they for real? This still looks like the ‘professional crush’ that I described in week one, with Ranvir the totally trusting, ideal pupil desperate to get praise and reassurance from her professional partner.

“Despite the trust though Ranvir’s body language suggests she still has some underlying confidence issues.

“When Giovanni told her she was ‘wonderful’ at the end she rolled her eyes and instead of whispering sweet nothings on the stairs, Ranvir was busy apologising for her arms after the judges were critical.

“Their acted passion and love is breath-taking but they clearly have high levels of respect and mutual trust off the dance floor as well.

“Their strong bonding signals are visible in their mirroring as they stand together waiting for scores, with torsos together and their outer hands on their hips.

“Sadly Ranvir looked stricken at her low scores, but it looked less about celebrity ego and more about feeling she had let Giovanni down.”

“Other celebs were clearly being praised and boosted to the point of sainthood tonight for no clear reason, but it was Ranvir’s turn to get close to the bottom of the leader board, which could sadly make her vulnerable.

“Without her and Giovanni in this show the entire sexual chemistry of the series will be gone in one fell swoop.”

Ranvir and Giovanni only received a moderate score of 24 from the judges, landing them in joint fourth on the leaderboard with only Clara and Aljaz beneath.

Giving feedback, judge Craig Revel Horwood said: “I would’ve liked to have seen more interesting lifts. You’ve got an opportunity in this dance to do something spectacular and amazing.”

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