GHD Platinum Plus Review – are they worth the money?

GHD Platinum Plus Review – are they worth the money?

January 31, 2022

HOWEVER much heat defence spray you use, running piping hot irons through your hair can feel like a recipe for damage and endless split-ends.

The GHD Platinum+ hair straighteners are here to combat that issue, built with ultra-zone technology that adjusts to suit your hair, promising a personalised styling experience. They're the brand's priciest tool, so I decided to see if they're worth it.

GHD Platinum+ Review

  • GHD Platinum+ hair straightener, £180 from GHD – buy here


  • Leave your hair feeling shiny and healthy
  • Easy to use
  • Heat up really quickly
  • Long-lasting effects


  • More expensive than other designs

What's the difference between the GHD Platinum and GHD Platinum Plus?

You might remember the GHD Platinum, but the GHD Platinum Plus has officially taken over its position as the brand's smart straighteners.

The GHD platinum + promises to reduce hair breakage by 20 per cent more than the original, along with providing two times more colour protection too.

Infinity sensors monitor the heat 250 times a second across the plates, adapting to the thickness and feel of your hair. Clever, huh?!

Is the GHD Platinum worth it?

First and foremost, you should know that my hair is naturally curly and annoyingly frizzy, which means that straighteners never really provide long-lasting or smooth results for me – humidity is not my friend.

But after sectioning my hair as recommended by the GHD booklet, and only waiting 15 seconds for the GHD Platinum+'s to heat up (!), I ran them over each section of my unruly strands and found it was so quick and easy to straighten the hair in just one glide each time.

Initially, my hair began to feel a bit flat because it was smoothing out at light speed, so I decided to attempt blow-dry effect waves. That worked well, but it was only the following day that I really noticed the magic, when I woke up with oh-so smooth tresses – an amazing result for my unmanageable frizz.

It's difficult to review whether the fact that the sensors monitoring heat 250 times a second is the culprit for leaving my hair so smooth, because you don't actually notice any alterations happening when you're using them. I would say that they're worth it for providing fast, long-lasting results though.

As the frame is thicker depth-wise than other designs, it feels like you're a lot less likely to burn yourself which is always a plus. Goodbye to those dodgy, love bite-esque straightener burns.

Update: one year on, is the GHD Platinum still worth it?

After making the GHD Platinum straighteners a staple part of my going-out routine for a year, I decided it was time to report back on whether they're actually the best straighteners around.

I can officially say that the biggest benefit of these straighteners is how quickly they get the job done. Whether you're just smoothing out a frizzy flyaway or want a full head, dead-straight fix, you can rely on them for results.

I'm definitely still obsessed with them a year on, purely because they provide long-lasting styling which is quick and easy to get.

In terms of creating curly looks or bouncy waves, I'm still struggling to finesse it but whatever style I manage to achieve, it always lasts until the next day.

Lots of people have complimented my hair, saying they've never seen it so straight. The verdict? A 10/10 product for no-frizz straightened hair.

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Is GHD Platinum Plus better than GHD Gold?

Honestly, I haven't tried out the GHD Gold hair straightener so it is difficult for me to compare the two. But judging from the description of the Gold, it looks like it doesn't look after your hair as much as the Platinum+ does.

Made to produce waves, curls and sleek hairdos, the Gold is slimmer which optimises those styling techniques, yet there is less information on whether it works to protect from damaged hair.

The Platinum+ is thicker and also has a longer warranty – three instead of two years – which suggests that the quality is better.

One of the main differences between the Gold and the Platinum+ is that the latter has a wishbone hinge to align the plates perfectly, giving you a smoother experience.

How to turn on GHD Platinum Plus straighteners

GHD has introduced an easy-to-use button in place of where their old switch was on the Original IV Styler – it's quite straightforward, simply press it to turn them on and then press and hold to turn them off again.

The best bit? They make a cool noise that belongs in sci-fi video game when you turn them on and off, as well as when they're ready. It's the little things.

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How long is the GHD Platinum Plus warranty?

A year longer than the original Platinum, the GHD Platinum+ straighteners have a reliable warranty of three years, showing that the brand clearly trusts their premium quality.

Other straighteners available at GHD have a two-year warranty, like the Gold, the Max or Mini, suggesting that these are their most durable design.

Where can I buy the GHD Platinum Plus straighteners?

There are sometimes sales on the official GHD website, so you can wait for those to bag the GHD Platinum+ straighteners for less than £189. Otherwise, the price is pretty consistent across all retailers.

Here's where you can find them:

  • £160.65 from John Lewis – buy here
  • £180 from GHDbuy here
  • £161.76 from Very – buy here

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