Gemini traits: Why do Geminis talk so much?

Gemini traits: Why do Geminis talk so much?

May 14, 2021

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Geminis are a sign that has a bad reputation for being loud-mouths or simply just too chatty. Why do people born during this star sign season tend to share this trait? reveals what makes Geminis so talkative.

Gemini traits

Geminis are the person at the party who is chatting to every single person and floating between groups.

They like to inform others, have deep and meaningful conversations and chat with new people.

This sign doesn’t stay in one place for too long – as a mutable sign, they like to keep moving.

Geminis like trying new things, hate routine and love to travel or go on adventures.

This could be deemed as spontaneous or flaky, depending on your personality.

Geminis love networking and prefer to have lots of different individual friends rather than sticking with their school friends for their whole lives.

Geminis are all about words, written or spoken, and they love to share new information.

This is why Geminis can come across as untrustworthy because they have a tendency to gossip!

This trait could also just be interpreted as excessively chatty and interested to know people’s stories.

Why do Geminis talk so much?

Each star sign is ruled by a planet, but there are eight planets and 12 zodiac signs so some signs share a ruling planet.

The zodiac signs are named after constellations of stars, but the planets of our solar system are much closer to us than the constellations and are believed to have a huge impact on us.

The ruling planets of each zodiac sign represent our basic traits and energy.

Gemini just happens to be ruled by Mercury, and that explains why this sign is so chatty.

If you know a lot about astrology but not very much about physics, you will have heard of the phrase ‘Mercury is in Retrograde’.

When Mercury is in retrograde, which means it appears to be moving backwards in the sky, communication, travel and a number of things go out the window.

The reason for this is because Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts, ideas, philosophy, travel and technology.

Geminis are ruled by this planet and therefore concerned by all of these things.

Not convinced? You only have to look at Gemini celebrities to see the key trait of the sign emphasised.

Alan Carr is literally known as ‘Chatty Man’… and he’s a Gemini!

Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, Katie Price, Mel B, and Kanye West are all Geminis too.

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