Gemini January 2022 horoscope: What’s in store for chatty Gemini this month

Gemini January 2022 horoscope: What’s in store for chatty Gemini this month

January 1, 2022

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January is about unravelling old beliefs and breaking old habits that no longer serve you. You’re setting goals, enjoying travel and trying new things, so it’s going to be an exciting month. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Gemini January horoscope for 2022.

January promises to be a revelatory time when it comes to uncovering a mystery, Gemini.

Or, you might become aware of something previously veiled to you by others that you’ve had a hunch about for a while. 

Bex said: “A puzzle you’ve been mulling over for a while slots into place, and your powers of investigation are rewarded.

“This is a pivotal time for transformation, especially on the New Moon.

When the New Moon arrives on January 2, you will be thinking about ways you plan to evolve and shed the ‘old’ version of yourself before fully throwing yourself into 2022.

Bex said: “If you’ve been thinking about quitting a habit or releasing yourself of any addictive or obsessive tendencies, now’s the time to do it.

“It’s the ideal time to really put the ball in motion and set decisive goals for yourself.”

What do you actually want and how do you want to change this year?

If you’re planning to take a trip in January, be warned that Mercury (your ruling planet) is going retrograde on January 14.

Bex said: “This generally plays havoc with our travel plans, but for you, this is exacerbated.

“Any holidays or long-distance voyages should be assessed with extra care.

“This includes triple checking the dates you’ve booked things for, being extra aware of the tickets you’ve bought, and giving yourself ample time to get to stations and airports!”

When the Full Moon glows in the sky on January 17, use it as a chance to think about where you hold yourself back from taking a risk in life because you fear vulnerability.

The Moon is in Cancer, and Full Moons invite us to shed ourselves of limiting beliefs or thoughts that hinder our progress.

Bex asked: “Where could you leave your comfort zone and have more faith in yourself?

“This is especially true regarding your material possessions and financial situation.

“Does a fear of ‘lack’ mean you’re currently in an unfulfilling position?

“If you had more trust in your abilities could you actually increase your income in the future?”

When the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 9, your mind turns to adventure and exploration.

Bex said: “Aquarius is the freedom lover of the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if your sense of wanderlust reaches an all-time high.

“Even if you can’t physically travel then think about how your social group or network of friends can help you broaden your horizons.

“Perhaps take up a new hobby or try something new with your group or loved ones.

“This is especially powerful if it involves another culture and if a chance to travel comes along then take it!”

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