Geeky ‘science girl’ who grew up in strict house now earns fortune on OnlyFans

Geeky ‘science girl’ who grew up in strict house now earns fortune on OnlyFans

January 14, 2023
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    An OnlyFans model lifted the lid on her upbringing after learning to express herself sexually.

    Zara Dar, 23, grew up in a strict family home with Indian and Middle Eastern heritage.

    She had to follow rules about everything – from the way she dressed to the friends she was allowed to hang out with.

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    The content creator, from Texas, US, claimed her conservative family were often worried about what others thought.

    But after she got older, Zara started to realise the path her parents wanted to follow wasn't right for her.

    Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, she spilled the beans on her "interests and passions" after turning to OnlyFans.

    Zara, who's in a relationship, said: "When I turned 18, I left home for the first time to live on campus for my undergrad.

    "It was a scary and uncertain time, but I was determined to make a life for myself that was true to who I was.

    "Later, I went on to pursue a Master's degree in bioengineering.

    "As I looked around at the job market, I couldn't help but feel like something was missing.

    "I didn't want to spend my days cooped up in an office, working long hours and feeling unfulfilled.

    "One of the things I discovered was my love for freely expressing myself and discussing various engineering topics."

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    Zara started creating educational content as she's comfortable sharing more of her body and expressing her sexuality.

    "As a result, I gained a reputation as the 'hot science girl'," she gushed.

    "I joined OnlyFans and within just one month of joining, I became one of the top 0.3% of creators on the platform."

    The content creator quickly earned over £24,000 ($30,000) per month selling her racy content.

    She explained: "It made me realise many engineers struggle to make ends meet, while on OnlyFans, I was able to earn several times what I would as an engineer.

    "As I continued to grow my OnlyFans, I also started taking online courses to further my education in computer science."

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    Zara also managed to find a way to balance her work and studies where she begun a second masters in computer science with a speciality in machine learning.

    Now she receives hundreds of messages from new OnlyFans creators asking for advice on how to grow on the platform.

    She also has a podcast on OnlyFans TV called The PhD show where her and her partner discuss "Pretty Hot Dialogue".

    The bombshell continued: "Overall, my experience on OnlyFans has been a transformative one, allowing me to pursue my own interests and passions while earning a living at the same time.

    "I believe that social media platforms like OnlyFans have the power to change lives for the better, and I am excited to continue contributing to this movement in the years ahead."

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    She concluded: "My partner and I occasionally do podcast episodes together and I also do some on my own where I talk about my personal experiences and various STEM related topics.

    "I am an advocate for making social media more educational so I also make short educational videos on my Instagram as well."

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