GCSE geography students blast exam which questions them on DISHWASHERS

GCSE geography students blast exam which questions them on DISHWASHERS

January 31, 2022

GCSE geography students have blasted exam boards for posting a question on dishwashers, after they spent hours revising topics like tectonics and climate change.

Hundreds took to Twitter to vent their frustration at memorising numerous case studies, only for there to be a single three-mark question using them on yesterday’s paper.

Students took particular opposition to a question on why the demand for water is likely to increase in the future, given the increase in UK dishwasher ownership.

The correct answer was worth just a few marks out of the overall 75.

A spokeswoman for AQA said: “It’s completely normal for students to tweet about their exams. We only ever ask questions about things that are covered in the syllabus.”

However, Twitter users illustrated their feelings using memes that included one of dishwashers photoshopped into their textbooks.

One student joked how they would have been better off reading a dishwasher manual than the textbook.

And others lamented hours of revising rivers only to be asked about dishwasher sales.



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This isn’t the only exam paper that has left students in a meltdown.

English students this year were left in disbelief when a GCSE exam question on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet asked them about the minor characters Gregory and Sampson.

The pair are servants of the House of Capulet – Juliet’s family – who start a quarrel with Abram from Romeo’s House of Montague, with Sampson uttering the famous line: “I will bite my thumb at them.”

The exam featured a question on male aggression concerning the pair in the iconic play – and students were not impressed.

One wrote: “Pretty sure last time I checked the play was called Romeo and Juliet not Sampson and Gregory.”

Another tweeted: “What I wrote was as irrelevant as Sampson and Gregory are to the play.”

One student saw the funny side, saying: “I’m quite happy the paper was on Sampson and Gregory because last night I only read the first bit of the book then fell asleep.”

Students complaining about bizarre or unfathomable questions have become a staple of the exam season.

Earlier this month a biology question asked why Charles Darwin was drawn as a monkey in a cartoon.

Thousands of teenagers took the paper, set by the AQA exam board, with many turning to social media afterwards to voice their exasperation.

One wrote on Twitter: “There’s me revising homeostasis and the menstrual cycle when all I needed to know was why Charles Darwin was drawn as a monkey.”

Another added: “So I went to school for 12 years to do a whole paper on plants and why Charles Darwin was drawn as a monkey.

“Very glad I revised hormones.”

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