Funny images show social media users slipping up with Photoshop fails

Funny images show social media users slipping up with Photoshop fails

February 2, 2023

You’re not fooling anyone! Hilarious images reveal epic Photoshop fails

  • Bored Panda has collected a selection of Photoshop fails from across the world 
  • They prove exactly why you should approach any picture tweaks with caution
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These days it’s not uncommon for people to give themselves a little tweak via clever apps on their phones. 

Photoshop and airbrushing is easier than ever with countless tools available that can change parts of our appearance with just a touch of a button.

However, some Photoshop jobs are easier to notice than others, and many have seemingly gone a little bit too far with their virtual transformations – and these images prove just that.

Bored Panda collated some of the funniest photoshop fails ever shared on social media, from unusual body shapes to odd adverts.

Shadow’s don’t lie! This woman looks incredibly muscular… until you zoom out and look at the shadow on the concrete, which shows she has much thinner arms in real life

Look at the reflection! This Russian woman appears to have the body of an hourglass, until you look at the window on the left, and see she has a very different figure

This US man seemingly tried to Photoshop a darts board onto his body, but as commenters have pointed out, it doesn’t look very realistic 

‘This is not just a fail,’ as one person put, ‘it’s just an I don’t care…’ It’s difficult to know what’s going on in this photo, other than some poorly photoshopped sunglasses put on the wrong way

Many have said that this photo of a woman from the US looks slightly peculiar, with her legs appearing to look like they are in a funny mirror at theme parks

Seems like a real outfit to me… as one user sarcastically put it. They claimed it reminds them of a cardboard cut out that people would try and dress

A Christmas miracle! One American user shared this after they went shopping. There is very little, if any chance, a Christmas tree pancake can be made if the pancake press is not designed that way…

On an unknown website, this was advertised as a Gems Corset for $74 US dollars… but people are wondering what they are looking at, as the image apparently does not look like a real person

Huge kittens And miniature families can all enjoy this chair! Social media users are a little concerned over the size of the cat in comparison to the people in this one…

These ‘butt shaping leggings’ look a little out of proportion, with one user claiming it looks like a computer mousepad at home 

One commenter complained their head was hurting at the thought of ‘standing up and hitting your head on the chandelier then the ceiling’ in this image

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