Funeral director’s dark humour sends social media users into a frenzy

Funeral director’s dark humour sends social media users into a frenzy

August 10, 2021

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Caleb Wilde, a funeral director and author of ‘Confessions of a Funeral Director,’ has over 18,000 Twitter followers and uses his feed to remind people that death can be liberating – and even humorous. The sixth-generation mortician works for his family business and speaks very openly about his experiences on a day-to-day basis.

His main goal is to “demystify death and shine some light on the funeral industry with a mix of humour and helpful hints”.

His family has been in the death business since 1888 and he started his blog around nine years ago.

At one point, he had the chance at a reality television show about death rituals – but it never ended up happening.

One his most popular tweets, which perfectly showcases his humour, said:“Hey, @Uber. Let’s do an Uber Charon, or Uber Valhalla so those of us with dead body removal vehicles can make a little extra change on the side. #DeathCareTaxi #UberDeadPool #TheRealUberBlack”

The dark humour that dominates his feed has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from his followers.

One said: “You’re a horrible person, I approve immensely.”

A second added: “Grieving or not, @CalebWilde has your back.”

His book ‘Confessions of a Funeral Director’ was published in 2017, reflecting on mortality and how his general mental state changed as he settled into his role as a funeral director.

He also explained that at one point he wanted to get as far away from the family business as possible, until he discovered that caring for the deceased and their loved ones was really making a difference.

He tells his stories through humour and poignancy, including one which details how he used to “play hide and go seek around the caskets”.

Mr Wilde believes that revealing the life of a funeral director and giving an honest and raw commentary about day-to-day activities will remove misconceptions about the funeral industry.

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