Fuming mum cuts into son’s £600 birthday cake only to find out it’s ‘fake’

Fuming mum cuts into son’s £600 birthday cake only to find out it’s ‘fake’

June 9, 2023

A mum has revealed how she was left fuming after she splashed out hundreds on a birthday cake – only for it to turn out to be "fake".

Shay, who posts on social media under the username @thebabyshay, shared a clip of the offending Las Vegas-themed dessert she ordered to celebrate her son's first birthday.

The US-based mum claims she forked out $800 (£600) for the cake – but didn't discover it was 'fake' until it was time to cut into it.

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In a video, which has gained more than 468,000 likes, the fuming woman shared a clip showing that the five-tier cake was actually made from styrofoam.

Writing over the top of the footage, she said: "I paid $800 for a cake and treats for a party of 60 and I got a styrofoam cake instead.

"And to top it off 12 treats came – and they were fake too for a 1-year-old party."

The mum was seen tearing the icing away from the white material underneath, as she added in the caption: "Y'all look at this."

She later made a story time video, where she alleged that she had been scammed by a party planner who she'd hired to put on a lavish birthday bash.

It reportedly cost the parents $10,000 (approximately £8,000).

The mum claimed she had no communication with the person who made the cake before the event – as the party planner assured her they had it covered.

However, she has since reached out to the baker who said that the organiser had only been charged $400 for the cake from them.

TikTok viewers were left stunned by story as they took to the comments to give their opinions.

One user wrote: "Styrofoam cake is WILLLDDDD. They need jail time."

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Another commented: "Refund."

A third added: "Please tell me some portion of this cake is real."

"Like did they think you wouldn’t notice," a fourth said.

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