Fuming bride splits opinion as cousin brings baby to child-free wedding

Fuming bride splits opinion as cousin brings baby to child-free wedding

June 12, 2023

A bride was left fuming after her cousin brought her baby to her "child-free" wedding.

It's not unheard of for couples to ban children from weddings – if they don't have kids or are planning a small and intimate ceremony – it sometimes happens.

But one bride was left gobsmacked when a family member brought their little one despite her request not to.

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The bemused bride told people about the situation on Reddit where she explained there's no "exception" if the couple don't permit it.

She wrote: "Child-free means child-free – you are not an exception especially if the couple didn’t okay it."

The anonymous woman continued: "I’m going to complain about this here and then I’m going to let it go!

"My cousin brought her baby to my child-free wedding. We made it very clear no kids.

"She said the baby wouldn’t take a bottle so she needed to bring her.

"My mum knew about it. Didn’t tell me. Said 'well wouldn’t you rather have had her there?'

"It is my biggest wedding pet peeve when children make disruptions.

"It ended up being fine and that’s why I’m going to let it go after this rant, but if it hadn’t been okay and there was a baby crying during the ceremony or during the speeches, no, I wouldn’t have rather had her there.

"That’s it! Letting it go now!"

Since she shared her story, the bride has got a lot of people talking.

Thousands of people replied to the post, with many being more supportive than you'd think.

There were definitely mixed opinions, but it's clear to see most people think that a couple's wishes should be respected.

One person replied: "I've been married 43 years, and the only complaint I have about my wedding, which still annoys me after all this time, is that my cousin brought his kids to the wedding even though they were not invited.

"My cousin's wife took the toddler up to the choir loft, where he ran around and screamed piercing screams during the ceremony.

"We have an audio recording, and in many parts all you can hear is the screaming."

Another added: "This is a very old debate on Reddit – lots of people don't count babies (i.e. in arms) as 'children'.

"But if you were super clear on the invites and your mum KNEW what you meant and didn't clear that up, I'm sorry they disregarded your preference."

A third also replied: "My husband and I had a breastfeeding seven month old when his cousin got married.

"The wedding was child-free so we simply didn’t attend. I couldn’t imagine just showing up with our baby!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "And it's not just the fact that she brought the baby – it's the fact that everyone else who played by the rules and made arrangements for their own kids see a baby there and get upset and wonder why the rules weren't applied evenly.

"Sucks that this happened to you, and I'm glad you had a beautiful wedding regardless."

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