Full breakdown of how Love Island’s Ella and Ouzy already know each other

Full breakdown of how Love Island’s Ella and Ouzy already know each other

July 7, 2023

Every year it seems like the islanders seem to have some connection to each other from the outside world, whether having matched on a dating app before or already following each other on Instagram.

And it turns out that two of this year’s Love Island favourites, OG Islander Ella and Casa Amor love interest Ouzy See already know each other.

Fans on social media have discovered that the pair are signed with the number one Scottish modelling management company, Colours Agency.

The agency “actively scouts the streets of Scotland to find homegrown talent to develop, motivate, nurture and support.”

A video shared by the Colours team shows the two modelling in a glamorous aparthotel together.

The promo video, shot at RoomZzz (@Roomzzz) Aparthotel in Edinburgh, shows the two getting ready for a night out together, looking very much like a couple.

The original video was posted in May of this year, so it’s only been a couple of months since the two were last united.

Ella, 23, said she “fancied him, but they hadn't managed to head out on a date” before the two jetted off to Spain.

She might have been surprised to find Ouzy, 28, in Casa Amor, as she entered the separate villa being coupled with Tyrique, 24.

The pair had decided that it was time to close the door while they were on a date just days before the biggest relationship test.

But after closing things off, Tyrique was doing his best to embrace the feelings, and while Ella was away he released just how strong those feelings are. He’d spoken to the boys about telling Ella exactly how he feels when she returns.

While in Casa Amor, Ella told footballer Ouzy: “You coming in has confused me, there could definitely be something there.”

When the recoupling was over, Tyrique admitted that he was "fuming" as he left the firepit, while Ella was stunned by what had happened.

Fans were quick to chime in with their thoughts on social media, with one commenting: “Ella needs to stay with Ouzy. If she ever goes back, Ty will teach her a wicked lesson.”

Another added: “It’s like Ella deserves better and a man like Ouzy, but at the same time…I lowkey still want her with Ty!”

Time will tell whether the two will go the distance, but this love triangle is making for very entertaining viewing…

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