Foodies feel ‘fooled’ by budding baker’s ‘fry up’ birthday cake

Foodies feel ‘fooled’ by budding baker’s ‘fry up’ birthday cake

November 23, 2021

Earlier today, we reported on a controversial full English loaf that got many TikTok viewers labelling the dish ‘minging.'

Now, the classic British breakfast has been put on top of a cake – but, not all is as it seems.

One budding baker has shared their full english inspired sponge that strikes an uncanny resemblance to the real deal.

Taking to Reddit, the foodie posted their classic breakfast take on a cake which has managed to fool a few people.

The creative baker titled the post: “Recent attempt at a fry up birthday cake!”

Attached to the post on the online forum, the cake in question rests upon a silver stand.

At first glance, the breakfast topped cake almost looked like someone had experimented with the savoury and sweet foods.

But, fear not – the ‘breakfast’ on top is actually made out of fondant.

Cleverly, home baker has managed to create a fry up out of the sugary mix and moulded the breakfast favourites on top of the cake.

Featured on top of the cake is a pair of ‘sausages’ , slices of ‘bread’ , a couple of ‘tomatoes’, a trio of ‘mushrooms’ ,a slice of ‘bacon’, a ‘fried egg’ and some very realistic ‘baked beans'.

The original poster revealed in the comments: “Sent a photo to my brother who was really concerned that we'd just given ourselves food poisoning from the raw bacon and sausages.”

Stunned by the realistic inspired cake, many people fled to the comments to have their say on the brekkie topped cake.

One person commented: “I legitimately thought this was an oddly undercooked fry up before I read the title.”

Another user added: “Phew glad I read this. Was about to look silly and say you shouldn't eat bacon backs that raw.”

While a third person claimed: “Those mushrooms look distressingly real. 10/10 would eat the entire thing in one go.”

Someone else questioned: “When a cake is good enough to fool me into believing it was a pretty terrible fry-up. Awesome work!”

And another said: “I was about to kick off about the state of those sausages before I realised…"

Let us know in the comments what you think of the full English inspired cake!

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