Food shopping hacks to save you over £700 in eight months including a meatless Monday

Food shopping hacks to save you over £700 in eight months including a meatless Monday

April 6, 2022

With the cost of living on the rise, people are looking for ways they can tighten the purse strings.

One such way is with a food shopping hack that could see you save £782.96 on your food shop by December.

The data was put together by home brand Homehow, and they looked at data based on a family of two with a current UK average food shop spend of £85 per week.

All data is adaptable to each household, from a single home to a house of ten people.

Natalie Mitchell from Homehow shared that a typical UK household spends £340 per month on their supermarket food shop.

But to start saving you could do the following…

A list of savings – £280

Natalie advises going food shopping armed with a list. Why? To save on impulse buying.

She explains: "Grocery shopping armed with a list protects a household from making impulse purchases. It’s often impulse purchases that pave the way to food waste as a household obtains too many perishable goods that are not used in time and therefore, thrown away.

"Build a shopping list throughout the week to ensure that you don’t purchase any unnecessary goods."

Good timing – £107.20

Did you know it's all about timing when it comes to your weekly food shop?

Natalie explains that supermarkets will reduce items as they near their sell by dates, adding: "These yellow sticker items hold reductions of up to 70 per cent. Purchasing just three reduced items a week can save the household up to £13.40 a month, totalling over £107.20 by December."

The supermarkets will reduce the items around the same time each week, so it's all about figuring out when your local one does.

Meat free Monday – £141.36

In 2021, a portion of the UK reduced their intake of meat and with just one meat free day a week the average person in the UK can save £17.67 per month.

"Of course, it doesn’t have to just be one day, as adding more will potentially save more," Natalie adds.

Organisation pays – £152

It helps to have an organised kitchen.

Natalie says: "Organising your kitchen can pay dividends. Not only will it inevitably reduce food waste, it's easier to meal plan and prep. Segmenting your cupboards, labelling containers and adopting spice racks allows you to see what you already have, prevent food waste and avoid duplicate purchases.

"Research shows that those with organised kitchens save up to £4.75 a week."

The world food aisle – £102.40

Wander down the world food aisle and you might just save yourself a pretty penny.

"Products in the world food aisle such as soy sauce, rice and spice can be up to 75 per cent cheaper, saving an average of £3.20 each shop," Natalie explains.

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