Florida Man Kills Mother in Argument Over Orange Juice: Police

Florida Man Kills Mother in Argument Over Orange Juice: Police

September 9, 2020

He said he tried to kill himself — but the gun was empty.

A Florida man admitted to killing his mother in an argument over orange juice, police have claimed.

Luis Pages, 29, told officers he shot 59-year-old Miriam Gonzalez dead after “he lost it”, a police report states.

The argument reportedly began when he asked his mom if he could borrow her car to go look for a job on Monday; but she refused, telling him that nowhere would be open since it was Labor Day.

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He told police that they then began arguing over other things, like the air conditioning remote control and orange juice, until it escalated to a point in which she threatened him with a knife, the report states, per NBC Miami.

He said he then pulled out a gun and shot her multiple times, before throwing the gun on the ground and calling 911.

When police arrived at the North Miami Beach home around 5 PM, they were met by Pages, who told them: “I killed her. Take me to jail,” the report claims.

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He told investigators he didn’t know how many times he had shot his mother, but that he always kept it loaded with six bullets.

He said realized he had fired every round when he tried to turn the gun on himself, but it was empty when he pulled the trigger.

Pages faces one count of second degree murder with a deadly weapon; he is being held without bond.

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