Fitness fan takes two snaps seconds apart to show difference posing makes

Fitness fan takes two snaps seconds apart to show difference posing makes

June 2, 2022

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A personal trainer has taken to Instagram to show the difference that posing can make.

Molly Ava – known as mollyavafit online – shared two pictures side by side to her feed.

In one picture she was visibly posing and flexing her muscles, while she relaxed her body and grinned widely in the second.

She captioned the picture: "Both worthy. Both wonderful. Both me. Appreciate your body from every pose and angle because it DESERVES to be loved all the time

"Your Monday reminder that posed or unposed you are worthy, beautiful, enough.

"Bodies change every minute of every day, we might pose for Instagram but 99% of the time we aren’t posed in real life.

"Today I am:

"- Bloated from where I am in my cycle
"- Holding water weight due to a Sunday hangover
"- STILL choosing to love my body for what it does for me

"I hope you do the same."

Her comments section was flooded with supportive comments from her followers.

One said: "This is social media. I am so glad to are sharing this!!!"

A second wrote: "I need this today … such a beautiful post"

A third penned: " The type of posts I’ll never get enough of."

While a forth commented: "Thank you for being so real!!"

This is not the first time that Molly has posted encouraging her followers to love their body.

Recently she posted two pictures of herself side by side one of her visibly posed and the other of her being relaxed with her tummy over her leggings.

Across the top she wrote 8:00 vs 8:01 and at the bottom she penned Instagram vs reality.

She captioned the pictures: "What you see online ≠ What real life looks like

"Remember you need to take everything you see online with a pinch of salt, whilst they will most likely show you one side of their life, their body, their story you don’t always see the other.

"It’s ok to want to pick the best photo, pose, outfit but remember that you shouldn’t compare yourself to that one snapshot of their social media

"Be kind to yourself"

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