Firefighters Save a Little Dog Named Bean After She Got Trapped in a Reclining Couch

Firefighters Save a Little Dog Named Bean After She Got Trapped in a Reclining Couch

March 27, 2021

A group of five firefighter came to the rescue after a small dog was trapped in a reclining couch.

The Kamloops Fire Department responded to a call of a poor pup named Bean who got her head stuck in the reclining mechanism of a couch in British Columbia, Canada on Wednesday.

"We don't rescue cats out of trees anymore,… but we do occasionally rescue dogs out of reclining couches!" the department wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, Bean is doing just fine, and her family expressed their deepest gratitude to the first responders who saved her.

"Really thankful for the Kamloops Fire Rescue team tonight… My dog Bean managed to get her neck trapped underneath and between the reclining framework of our couch. She was trapped and Kent and I couldn't move the couch without hurting her. 😢 …" the department wrote in its post, sharing the owner's message.

"I called the Fire Department and within a few minutes a team of them showed up and dismantled the couch to get her out. They were really calm and really cared about Bean's safety. We are very thankful for a great crew in this city ♥️"

Dozens of comments flooded in, praising the firefighters for going "above and beyond" for little Bean.

"Way to go KFR you guys are amazing," one commenter wrote. "True heroes for sure hat off. Gentlemen in every sense of the word."

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Another said: "You guys are amazing, lucky pup to have such brave rescuers!!"

Bean's owners also shared an update the next day with the fire department, which the agency commented on the original post. The photo shows Bean sitting on the couch looking calm and collected.

"Great work everyone!!" someone responded to the update. "We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team of firefighters in our city!!"

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