Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress Review 2021 | The Sun UK

Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress Review 2021 | The Sun UK

January 27, 2022

SLEEP tech and specialist sleep companies have boomed in the last ten years, with Eve Sleep being one of the big names and mattress brands to know about.

Not sure which is right for you? This review of Eve Sleep’s The Original Hybrid mattress will hopefully help you on your hunt.


  • Supportive, soft and bounces back with regular rotation
  • Bounces back well, with no obvious body cavities after constant use
  • Seems well-priced compared to competitors


  • A little heavy and awkward to rotate once fully expanded
  • Not quite as cool as hoped for

Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress: Quick summary

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New mattresses aren’t cheap. Yet starting at £363 (Single) Eve Sleep’s Original Hybrid feels money well spent.

Not only was it a sturdy and supportive upgrade on a fully sprung mattress, its memory foam layer continues to provide good end-of-the-day comfort for releasing tension.

Our king size Original Hybrid mattress review sample got the thumbs up from both partner and (cheeky) pet too, and has provided plenty of sound nights’ sleep.

At King Size, it is big, it is heavy and tricky to rotate. But if you’re shifting to memory foam and require good support in the night, then this is an excellent choice.

It isn’t quite as cool to sleep on as I had hoped, but it doesn’t feel overly warm during the night.

Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress unboxing and first impressions

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There’s not much to with a new mattress except get it out of the box and let it sort itself out.

The Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress arrived in a box, wrapped and vacuum-packed.

This should be standard for all sizes although our review mattress was King Size.

Given the steepness of steps and size of the mattress, it was a two-person job to heave the mattress up to the bedroom and carefully unpack.

It is best to un-roll and position the mattress on the bed – right side up – before cutting open the vacuum seal. Once it starts to expand, moving will become trickier.

Luckily my partner and I chose the right side up, and after 4-6 hours in a decently ventilated room the mattress was good to go.

Some memory foam mattresses have a fairly strong odour when ‘bedding in’.

I can’t say I noticed much of one compared to previously owned memory foam products, and the dog wasn’t put off enough to avoid attempting to sneak on for a snooze.

First impressions from the first night of using it were excellent.

As a sleeper who treads the line between needing some sturdy support but who carries a lot of daily tension, the ease of relaxing compared to the fully sprung mattress it was replacing was immediately obvious.

The first night’s sleep wasn’t great, but I always find that with a change of bed or mattress. Still, being awake and looking at the ceiling, noticing how much comfier I was, wasn’t much of a negative.

Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress performance

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This Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress review comes after a couple of months-worth of use.

Having slept on it for a good amount of time I’ve now a rounded view of how the mattress has changed and improved my nightly routine and morning mental state.

What’s clear, as someone who has suffered chronic insomnia in the past, is that the Original Hybrid has dramatically reduced the level of physical tension I hold in the night.

Having originally bought my previous sprung mattress to help improve past sleeplessness, the benefit I’ve received from now moving to Eve Sleep’s Original Hybrid is more certain.  

All of Eve Sleeps mattresses are rated medium-to-firm, which is worth making a note of.

For me that combination of feeling supported without too much pressure on my limbs and joints has improved my physical comfort, easing some mental restlessness too.

Waking up, I’ve not recently experienced aching as I did on my previous mattress. Of course  sleepless nights can still happen, but not for lack of physical comfort in bed.

It’s also impressive how the Original Hybrid bounces back throughout the day, aided by the advised rotations of head and feet ends to even out use.

Running my hand across the mattress after almost three months’ use, there are no obvious dips or body crevices – and hopefully that continues.

Eve Sleep’s ten-year warranty offers a good amount of reassurance that it should do.

Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress features

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In the 2020s mattresses have more features than ever before, as companies are keen to tell us how and why they are built as they are.

Eve Sleep’s Original hybrid mattress has seven layers, and to detail each of them is less useful and more a lecture on sleep technology.

To keep it short, the layers start at the base and sides, with a polyester fabric used to enable breathability while reducing wear over the years. It feels like it should do.

On top of that are: an extra support layer; pocket springs, another support layer, a memory layer, an ‘evecomfort’ layer and a moisture-wicking top cover; the last to help prevent uncomfortably warm nights associated with memory foam mattresses.

It is tricky to know the exact impact of each, except to say again: I’ve felt supported, comfortable, relaxed and not overly warm so far while lying on my bed.

When potentially choosing an Eve Sleep mattress, be sure to know that these layers are different to those of the more expensive Premium Hybrid.

That mattress offers active cooling and an anti-slip base. Meanwhile the Lighter Hybrid, is the same as the Original Hybrid except that it lacks the ‘memory layer’.

How much does the Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress cost?

New mattresses aren’t cheap, and the Original Hybrid usually starts at £429 for a UK Single. The double is regularly priced at £579, with the King £679 and Super King £779.

Our Hybrid Original review sample is King size version of the mattress.

If you’re looking to compare across brands, Eve Sleep’s Hybrid Original appears cheaper than, say, Simba Sleep’s ‘middle option’ Hybrid Pro mattress – which costs £864 for the King size.

That may look like a big saving when buying an Eve Sleep Hybrid Original for £679, but it is tricky to directly compare the materials and layers of each.

Where to buy the Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress

With brand mattresses it is generally sensible to buy directly from the manufacturer or a trusted partner.

The best place to buy the Eve Sleep Hybrid Original mattress is directly from Eve Sleep.

Eve Sleep Original Hybrid Mattress: The Verdict

  • Buy the Eve Sleep Original Hybrid mattress – here

Ultimately, a mattress can be scored based on how it consistently provides comfort, support and allows its users to sleep.

Of my nights on Eve Sleep’s The Original Hybrid mattress I’d say I’m impressed at the level of comfort and support it provides, while bouncing back and remaining continually comfortable.

If you’re not a fan of medium-to-firm mattresses the mattress is probably still worth a try, thanks to the 100-night trial period, but you may also be surprised.

It’s not just me that can vouch for the Original Hybrid though.

My partner immediately noticed the difference – and as two people who between us cover-off each of back, side and front sleeping positions it’s fair to say it’s worked well for us until now.

At a fairly competitive price, I’d certainly recommend giving it a go for the trial period.

It’s helped me sleep more soundly and more comfortably, and although it doesn’t provide the level of cooling I hoped for that’s not been a problem in nodding off.

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