Election 2020: The best not-so-political lawn signs spotted across America

Election 2020: The best not-so-political lawn signs spotted across America

November 2, 2020

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Here’s a sign that Americans still have a sense of humor despite a global pandemic, a nerve-wracking election season, civil unrest and an all-around dismal 2020.

As Election Day nears, lighthearted lawn signs appear to be sprouting up in yards across the country — and also for sale online — helping to give spectators a bit of comic relief as Americans prepare to hit the polls on Tuesday.  

Bipartisan sentiments include a “Wu-Tang Forever" sign, a sign that advocates for beer and cheese in 2020, and even a more optimistic “Life is a gift” sign, among some of the other winners spotted on America's lawns.

And since a politically-charged lawn sign likely won’t be enough to shift someone’s political views anyway, here are some lighthearted selections from homeowners who are in on the joke. 

Wu-Tang Is Forever 

A tribute to the Staten Island-based hip hop group, this homeowner's "Wu-Tang Forever" sign looks far beyond the 2020 election.

Cold Beers. Cheese Curds 

Whether you're voting red or blue, there's nothing more American than a cold one — and if you're from Wisconsin, where this sign is, you'll have a special soft spot for cheese curds. 

Corgis for Biden 

Apparently, spectators may find themselves in the "dog house" if they don't vote "blue," according to this homeowner and (very likely) corgi parent.

OMG Please Make It Stop 

OMG Please Make it Stop sign

2020 fatigue is real. And this sign, currently for sale on Etsy, undoubtedly captures the sentiments of a good chunk of Americans.

Lawn Sign

When you want a lawn sign so you can fit in with the neighbors, but you really don't care to take sides.

Life is a gift

Life will go on after Election Day, and when it does, here's a reminder to appreciate it a little bit more with this uplifting sentiment. 

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