Easter dog outfits put to test – B&M offering £6 lamb, chick and rabbit coats

Easter dog outfits put to test – B&M offering £6 lamb, chick and rabbit coats

March 21, 2021

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After seeing an “obscure” clothing range at discount retailer B&M, journalist and dog lover Millie Reeves decided to take a closer look. Made up of only three costumes, Millie put one of the products to the test.

Although she admitted that she doesn’t like dog outfits as “dogs are already adorable and goofy, they don’t need anything more”, Millie felt she simply “had to get” one of B&M’s costumes for her dog, Rafferty.

With the retailer’s dog springtime clothing range, Millie could choose to dress Rafferty up as a rabbit, a chick, and a lamb.

Millie opted for the £6 lamb costume and bought a size large for Rafferty, who is about the same build as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Millie said: “Once I got the outfit, I was struck with the idea of creating an Easter card design with Raff as a sheep front and centre.

“Hey, it’s been a tough year, my friends and family could do with a laugh,” she added.

However, Millie realised that “upon reflection, that was a lofty goal”.

She explained: “My first hurdle was the material of the lamb costume which is that fake Sherpa wool that feels a bit like soft cotton wool.

“It’s Rafferty’s favourite material to chew.

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“The amount of blankets and hoodies of that material that have seen a few rounds with his teeth is absurd.”

This meant that whenever Millie attempted to get the costume anywhere near her dog’s legs or head, Rafferty wanted to eat it.

She said: “The light colour stayed clean for one tenth of a femtosecond.”

“The next hurdle was the actual design of the costume,” Millie continued.

“You know those funny Halloween costumes that make the wearer look like they’re being carried by an alien or that they’re riding a horse?

“The ones that have fake legs to create a bit of an optical illusion? That’s what these outfits are like.

“Which means that the outfit is only meant to be worn at the front and with only the front legs, which also means it’s easy to pull off and is bulky enough to be in your dog’s line of vision.”

Despite the difficulties, Millie continued with her attempt at dressing up Rafferty with the help of a treat bag.

Eventually, the owner and the dog worked together, and Rafferty ended up wearing the outfit, looking very much like a fluffy lamb.

Millie admitted that the results were “interesting”.

She said: “I can’t see Rafferty donning professional Easter greetings cards anytime soon, but it was certainly a laugh and he got a few extra treats out of it, so he was happy.”

Millie warned readers who want to try dressing up their dogs at home to “be prepared to not get a good picture”.

To take photos of Rafferty, Millie spent most of the photoshoot “balancing my phone, a bag of treats and squeaky toys in the feigned hope of getting a few decent shots”.

She said: “There was a lot of perfect photos ruined by a sudden lunge for a treat, a few with a thumb in the corner of the picture, and then some just of the floor as I dropped my phone in despair.”

While dressing your dog, Millie also recommended giving them “lots of treats and fuss”.

“They really are the kindest of creatures to put up with our tomfoolery if only for five minutes,” she said.

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