Driving expert explains 3 crucial safety settings for when you get a new car

Driving expert explains 3 crucial safety settings for when you get a new car

February 9, 2022

A driving expert has explained some useful settings for when you buy a new car that can save you time and make you safer.

TikTok user Cam's Auto Tips shows the inside of a sleek new automatic which can be programmed in helpful ways.

Firstly, he recommends setting up the doors to lock automatically whenever the car is moving over 12mph – stopping intruders from getting in or passengers getting out.

He says: "First, power on the car and then find the lock button on the right side.

"Long press for ten seconds. The automatic door-lock function is now set up".

Next, Cam explains a handy automatic setting that makes reversing easier by changing the angle of the rearview mirror.

He says: "Rotate the rear-view mirror adjustment pointer to R, then shift to reverse gear.

"Adjust the position so that you can see the back tyres – the rear-view mirror's automatic down-turning function is set up."

The third tip is to activate the window "anti-pinch" setting which saves fingers from getting squashed and can protect loose clothing and wires.

Cam explains: "Hook the window lift switch on the right side for five seconds.

"The anti-pinch function is set up. When the window is rising or falling, once it detects an obstacle the window will retract automatically."

Lastly, Cam shows viewers how to use a safety feature that will be useful for parents – a way to only unlock the left front door of the vehicle.

He says: "Press the lock and unlock buttons for five seconds at the same time so that while we press the unlock button, we can only open the left front door. No other doors will open."

The video has been watched more than 8 million times and received 400,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

One user said: "That reverse one is actually really smart."

A second said: "I thought the ones that had this did it automatically? Either way, it's something I'd rather have turned off."

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