Drivers risk £2,500 fine for transporting Christmas tree dangerously on car

Drivers risk £2,500 fine for transporting Christmas tree dangerously on car

December 6, 2022

Christmas is a time for food, presents and family.

And the festive season is never complete without decorations.

Brits who are picking up their tree for the season must be careful when transporting it on their cars.

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Now according to a recent survey, Comparethemarket found 11% of Brits are set to start decorating from this week.

Julie Daniels from the team is now reminding drivers of the essential rules for safely transporting trees over the period.

And if you get things wrong, motorists are at risk of a hefty fine with penalty points.

She said: "Even though there aren't laws related to transporting a Christmas tree, drivers could still face fines."

That's because Regulation 100 of the Road Vehicles Regulations 1986 requires any loads to be suitably secured so it's not at risk of falling or being blown off the vehicle.

If police or other witnesses believe a tree isn't secure or safe, Brits could be slapped with three points and a fine of up to £2,500.

Meanwhile, Regulation 30 states drivers need to have a full view of the road ahead, so if a tree obscures this, it could cost them a £1,000 fine or three penalty points.

Here are some tips for driving safely with your Christmas tree:

Take a measurement of the tree to ensure it'll fit securely in your vehicle, without interfering with the steering wheel, gears, indicators, mirrors or front and back windscreen.

If you need to use a roof rack, tie the tree down tightly with ropes or bungee cords, ensuring the stump is facing the front of the car. It's important none of the branches overhang and obstructs your view.

Finally, remember to drive a little slower and take extra caution when braking to avoid dislodging the tree and to prevent injuries or damage.

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