Driver with personalised number plates tells judge he’s immune from prosecution

Driver with personalised number plates tells judge he’s immune from prosecution

December 13, 2018

A driver with personalised number plates told a judge he was immune from prosecution.

George Montgomery attempted to claim "crown immunity" while representing himself after he was spotted driving a Toyota Hilux pick-up bearing the registration number GEO6GE.

Crown immunity is a legal doctrine which means the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil or criminal prosecution.

Despite Montgomery, 54, from Yatton, Bristol, denying wrongdoing, Bath Magistrates convicted him of displaying invalid number plates as well as driving without an MOT and insurance in May.

He was fined a total of £1,100 with £85 costs and a £66 victim surcharge, reports Bristol Live .

Montgomery appealed against conviction and sentence and a hearing was held before a judge and two magistrates at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday, December 11.

Representing himself, he told the judge: "I’m here to challenge the jurisdiction.

"I am only intervening in this case."

He handed the court documents, saying evidence had already been given, and declined to say any more.

He told the court it was the third time the same case has been prosecuted, claiming it had been previously dealt with at courts in Poole and Somerset.

His appeal was dismissed and he was landed with further costs of £260.

After the lost appeal he said: "I’m not challenging the jurisdiction of the crown.

"I’m challenging the jurisdiction of the police to able to prosecute against the crown.

"Crown immunity was claimed right from the beginning.

"It has never been proven there wasn’t any insurance.

"My name is not George Montgomery.

"I’m not related to that family.

"How do I get justice?

"How do I appeal this?

"What happens now?"

Earlier Grace Flynn, prosecuting, read a statement from PC Christopher Lovell.

The police officer reported how he spotted Montgomery driving the Toyota in Clevedon Road, Portishead, bearing what appeared to be illegal number plates.

When he spoke to Montgomery, he told the officer: "I have crown immunity."

Montgomery refused to clarify the Toyota’s proper registration number, refused to allow police to check the vehicle’s chassis number and refused to sign a traffic offence report.

Police confirmed the Toyota’s correct registration was GEO6 GEM, the court heard.

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