Driver pranks woman who blocked and beeped horn at them in parking row revenge

Driver pranks woman who blocked and beeped horn at them in parking row revenge

May 6, 2022

A woman got her own back on an angry driver who blocked her into their car parking space.

The TikToker, from the US, and her husband parked outside a shopping mall to do their errands and noticed a woman desperately wanted to take their spot rather than any others in the car park.

Walking back to their car after getting a Starbucks to go, she realised the red Toyota Prius driver still waiting for them to leave.

The stranger was so annoyed they didn't get the spot they wanted – so she repeatedly honked their horn and stopped the motorist from being able to move.

"This lady is so mad because she wanted the parking spot we got," the TikToker explained while heading towards her car, which is parked at a shaded area near the trees.

"She's been here the whole time. Now she's blocking him (husband) in.

"You can't make this sh** up."

The driver starts beeping at them, asking them to move out of the booth.

But the TikToker came up with a cunning way to make the stranger even angrier – by tricking them into thinking they are leaving before pulling back into the spot.

"Wait for this one, she is gonna love this," she says while filming her husband reversing the car out.

The driver in the red car can be seen waiting next to them and ready to move into the spot.

But at the last minute, the husband changes his gear and goes forward, parking right back into the spot.

The other driver is left fuming, beeping her horn repeatedly while watching the couple laughing.

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Some viewers sided with the couple, saying they would do the same thing to revenge to "rude drivers".

One said: "I would have sat in the car for an hour then I would have gotten out and went shopping."

Another wrote: "Pulling back in was a power move."

"They handled that so well, no you can't make it up but you dealt with it perfectly," a third added.

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