Dream expert reveals what it means if you see visions of cars

Dream expert reveals what it means if you see visions of cars

July 14, 2023

I’m a dream expert and here’s what it means if you keep seeing visions of cars in your sleep (and why you really shouldn’t ignore it!)

  • Theresa Cheung helped viewers with their recurring dreams on This Morning  
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A dream expert has revealed what it means if you keep seeing visions of cars in your sleep.

Theresa Cheung, who is based in the UK, appeared on This Morning today to help viewers make sense of some of their recurring dreams. 

During the segment, the theme of cars kept cropping up for callers – which Theresa says gave invaluable insight into their state of mind.

According to the expert, the car represents the life path you are on – and the colours or obstacles it comes across can easily translate into issues you’re facing. 

To begin with, Lynda, from Essex, told Theresa how she kept having dreams involving green cars and buses. 

According to dream expert Theresa Cheung, cars represent your path in life in dreams – and the colours or obstacles it faces can easily translate into issues you’re confronting 

She explained: ‘Going back on my [dream journal] the past couple of days, I’ve realised that I’m dreaming about green vehicles all the time. 

‘For instance, I’ve bought a green car, I’ve sold a green car, I’ve travelled on green buses, I’ve crashed my friend’s green car, I’ve broken down in a green car.

‘And last night, I got kidnapped by a man in a green bus.’

Emphasising that this was more than just a coincidence, Theresa said: ‘Dreams don’t lie.

‘They’re a symbolic voiceover to your life and aspects of yourself that you need to integrate and develop.’

With this in mind, Theresa said the the vehicle in Lynda’s dreams represent her ‘direction in life’ and the ‘path she’s heading on’.

She continued: ‘All the vehicles are green and that’s a symbol of abundance and fresh new starts.

‘So your dreaming mind is ramming this down your psyche, saying “please pay attention to green”. Because we attract what we are in our lives, not what we want.’

What’s more, Jill, from Nottinghamshire, also called up the show for some insight into her driving dreams. 

For the past six months, the viewer says she keeps finding herself behind the wheel of a car and finding herself up against obstacles – which vary from roadblocks to one-way systems.

She said: ‘I never get to where I want to go because there are all these steep hills that the car can’t get up.’

Following on from Lynda’s recurring dream, Theresa explained: ‘So many people dream about being in a car or a vehicle because it’s the direction in life where you’re heading.

‘This dream is urging you to take the path less travelled rather than the main road that everyone expects you to.’

What’s more, Kerry, from Hampshire, also sought out Theresa’s help as she keeps having dreams where she finds herself separated from her car.

Kerry – who is recently separated – explained: ‘I have lots of dreams about looking for my car in the car park and I never actually find it. It causes me quite a lot of stress and I wake up from it feeling anxious.

Pictured: Theresa Cheung, who is based in the UK, helped viewers with their recurring dreams on This Morning today

‘The car is on a cruise ship and I’m stood at the dock and I keep going onto the ship to find my car and I can’t.’ 

In response, Theresa said: ‘This is your dreaming mind doing what it does best – helping you grow and evolve from this life shock that you’ve had with a divorce.

‘A ship is safe in a dock, a car is safe in a carpark. But that’s not where they’re meant to be.

‘Your dreaming mind is saying, “let go of the idea that attachment to someone else defines you.” It doesn’t anymore. You are liberated, you are free to find out what you are – independent of what you do and the people in your life. […]

‘The reason you’re panicked is not because you can’t find the car or the ship, it’s because they’re stuck. You need to be driving that car, you need to be sailing that ocean.’

What’s more, the expert also urged people to start paying closer attention to recurring themes in their dreams. 

Theresa added: ‘Your dreams are like a Netflix series and you’ve got to tune in each night for the next thrilling installment of you.’

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