Don’t Worry, All Of Your ‘Million Little Things’ Questions Will Be Answered Soon

Don’t Worry, All Of Your ‘Million Little Things’ Questions Will Be Answered Soon

December 12, 2018

A Million Little Things has made a habit out of breaking our collective hearts into a million little pieces on a weekly basis. However, after Wednesday night’s midseason finale, titled "Christmas Wishlist," the seres will take its first ever extended break for the holiday season. So when does A Million Little Things come back from its winter hiatus? Let’s just say that it may be a little longer than you’d prefer.

Typically, when a series debuts its midseason finale, it returns shortly after the start of the new year. If A Million Little Things follows the same pattern, then new episodes will most likely start airing as early as mid to late January. However, it’s important to note that this is all just speculation for time being. At this point, ABC has yet to release its midseason and spring schedule, so it’s difficult to know with absolute certainly when various shows will return. Sometimes it’s helpful to look back at past seasons for a better idea of the show’s usual holiday procedure, but considering that this is A Million Little Things‘ freshman season, there’s no former season to go on, so it’s anybody’s guess right now when our emotions will be once again be at the mercy of these cast of characters.

Speaking of emotions, there’s a good chance the series will leave us with plenty to think about by the time Wednesday night’s hour is up. The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

Given this show’s knack for delivering a few shocking twists to the plot, the finale will make you wish the hiatus would be over ASAP. Will we finally discover what Jon’s secretary, Ashley, has been up to this whole time? Who is this Barbara Morgan character and why is she on Jon’s insurance policy? Can Maggie and Gary work things out and get back to falling in love already? Will Eddie and Delilah’s unborn child really stay a secret from the rest of the group? Odds are not all of these questions will be answered this week (because, really, what kind of fun would that be anyhow?), but there’s a chance some of them will. So it’s definitely worth tuning in for.

The midseason finale will serve as the show’s tenth episode of the season, and since the series was picked up for a 17 episode order by the network back in October, that still leaves seven full weeks of drama upon its return. We may not know exactly when that will be, but it’s sure to send our emotions into overdrive like it has all season long. You may want to ask for an extra box of tissues in your holiday stockings this year — odds are you’re going to need it.

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