Donald Trump fails to mark Melania’s birthday

Donald Trump fails to mark Melania’s birthday

April 28, 2023

Donald Trump has seemingly forgotten to mark his wife Melania’s 53rd birthday on Wednesday, despite several other high-profile figures publicly acknowledging the former first lady’s anniversary.

Melania Trump, who enjoys prefers a “low-key” celebration on her birthday, is said to have marked the occasion with her friends at Mar-a-Lago, a source told People.

On the day of her birthday, which was publicly acknowledged by Jimmy Kimmel, Mr. Trump made 15 public posts on Truth Social related to Ron DeSantis and the civil rape trial in New York.

The claims, by writer Jean Carroll, allege that Mr. Trump raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s.

Addressing the accusations, Trump wrote online that the case is “a made-up SCAM” and that her lawyer is a political operative” before his legal team was advised to get him to stop posting about the case.

Trump publicly acknowledged Melania’s birthday in 2020, writing “Happy Birthday to Melania, our great, First Lady.”

A source close to the Trumps told People on Wednesday: “Malania likes a low-key celebration with family and that I believe is her plan for this year’s birthday.

They went on: “If Donald is here, he will be joining the family to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Despite what you hear, the Trumps are a close family.

“Don’t be fooled by the former president’s outspoken manner and dominant influence on those around him,” added the person. “He respects and admires his wife. He wants to make Melania happy. They have more than suitable partners arrangement.”

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Earlier this year, Mr. Trump faced 34 indictment charges of business fraud related to a hush money payment made to adult actress Stormy Daniels in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

Melania, who was not present at her husband’s felony arraignment hearing last month, also declined to attend his post-arraignment speech at Mar-a-Lago.

During the speech, Mr. Trump praised his children, Ivana, Donald, Eric, and Barron, but noticeably failed to make any references to his wife.

“[…] Barron will be great someday – he’s tall and he’s smart, but I have a great family and they’ve done a fantastic job and we appreciate it very much. They’ve gone through a lot,” he said during the discourse.

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