Dog Puts Owner’s $180,000 RV Into Reverse And Drives It Into A Lake

Dog Puts Owner’s $180,000 RV Into Reverse And Drives It Into A Lake

January 14, 2019

Professional fisherman and four-time world champion whitewater kayaker Eric Jackson was launching his boat into an east Texas lake for a little fishing time last week when things went terribly wrong. Jackson’s adorable 2-year-old dalmatian Bodi, who was inside the RV as Jackson worked outside to release his boat, accidentally sent the vehicle into reverse and backed the $180,000 RV into the reservoir.

According to local station KBMT 12 News, Jackson was standing on the bumper of his vehicle as he was launching his boat into Lake Sam Rayburn in order to practice fishing for a tournament over the weekend. But as he unloaded, his 38-foot RV suddenly started backing straight down the boat ramp and into the lake.

The entire event was caught on video, and you can see Jackson suddenly realize that his vehicle is moving when it shouldn’t be. He jumps off the bumper and scrambles around the submerging RV, jumping inside to stop it. As the camera pans to follow Jackson, you can see Bodi caught in the act as he stands on the keypad for the transmission.

“I thought I was passing out, the boat started coming at me,” Jackson told the Daily Mail.

“By the time I got my foot on the brake, the back wheels were floating,” he said.

By that time, the interior was filled with water.

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Epic Fail- RV, Dog, Boat Ramp combo! #gorving

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Bodi can be seen in the Instagram video hiding in the footwell of the passenger area of the RV as Jackson frantically tries to pull the RV out of the water. “Good Dog Rocksey” is in the passenger seat, content in her status as the best dog of the day. Jackson says that Bodi knew he did something wrong and that he’s the type of dog who will hang his head and look down when he is in trouble.

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Rv’s float, until they sink… part 1

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For now, Jackson has returned with the dogs to Tennesee, but the RV is still in Texas with a transmission full of water and a fried electrical system.

“This RV will never leave Texas from what I can tell,” Jackson wrote on Facebook. “Just about everything in it is ruined and the water damage to the floors and walls is starting to become an issue. We are trying to dry it out and salvage it… stay tuned.”

He says he expects to hear soon if it can be salvaged.

Jackson runs Jackson Kayak and Orion Coolers in Spart, Tennessee. The RV acts as his booth at expos and his home when he is on the road.

No word whether Bodi is still in the dog house.

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